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Wheel of Time

  1. Polly Leigh
    Polly Leigh
    The Information will be placed here shortly :P
  2. Lakross Saber
    Using the One Power~

    There are five points of the One power, each represented by a element






    Each have their own purposes but can be used together in the process of forming weaves that combine two or more of the elements to have a more specific affect or use. Fire and Spirit can make light or Balefire, which has yet to be discovered, but is a very powerful weapon. Air, earth and spirit can be used to make it safe from prying ears the possibities are endless, if you know what your doing. It will not be necessary to name each one if you understand the concept of how it works. Water Spirit and Air are used manly for healing, and some people are better at healing then others.
    Weapons Made by the Power~

    By the use of the one Source weapons can be made with special properties such as never needing to be sharpened, being unbreakable, or even enchanted with flames or such.
    Lay of the Land:

    While in no possession of a true name, the land between the Aryth Ocean and the Spine of the World is simply referred to as the Land of Planes due to its Geography. A place of beauty and Bountiful lands, the Land of Planes is in constant war, hundreds of Kingdoms lead by Minor Nobility fighting for more land and power while others are torn apart by civil war and assassinations of their leaders, heirs killing other heirs so they can take thrones before they are swiftly killed themselves by other nobles, new Kingdoms rising and falling in months or less. A moderate amount Countries have been around long enough and are stable enough to grow and Prosper, Even fewer are the True, Pure blood nobility in control and these lands are as listed in size from smallest to largest.

    ( A list of Possible countries for your character(s) to come from)

    Bethinisciona, A trade country that holds very fertile lands and keeps itself going on the profit they gain from food crops, Cotton, Tobacco, silk and other cash crops. the people are Light skinned, yet sturdy.

    Atha'an Miere, Or the Sea Folk, hold no true land but are the rulers of the Ocean, great fishermen and little is known about their culture outside of Denecium due to their closed off dealings with outsiders. Dark skinned and the best boatman in the world, with the fastest ships to boot.

    Denecium, A ocean side country that has a powerful hold on trade with the Atha'an Miere. Dark skinned and quiet free with their...mortal desires Denecium woman are known for their habit to chase after any man that catches their fancy.

    Tar Valon, A land ruled by The Loki and Stryder’s, and home to the Amrylin Council, headed by the Amrylin Seat. Rumor has that a Tower is being built to act as a sort of academy for those who can touch the one Power.

    Salficer, A traditional Kingdom that is heavily bogged down by tradition, and Honor, Home of the Tinkers and holds a friendly relationship with Tar Valon. Their king has absolute power over everything and everyone.

    Dormier, Home of the Horse Men, Home of the Knights of the Half Moon and a Militaristic Country and usually keeps to itself. Though rumors of witch hunts plague the land.

    Gasconthia, the Land of Queens, Lead by an all Female Royal Line and the Home of the Malkier Knights which are lead by the Minor Noble Family BisQual.

    Frescothine, The Ogier Kingdom, a Peaceful Country that serves as a neutral grounds for leaders to meet on. Frescothine provides fine wood craft and stone workings to other countries and is Home to the Cathedral of Light, where the Keeper of the Light resides.

    And Sulthine, a Vast Trading country that is rich in ore and precious metals, lead by a council of twelve chosen individuals. Widely diverse in population, ethnicity and have a self defense force instead of an army, getting more land through trade and quick movements when other kingdoms fall.
    Minor nobility

    The Minor Noble families are a strange lot, not weak enough to be considered commoners, yet not strong to be start their own kingdom, usually, Minor Nobles serve a number of purposes to their Pure blood Brothers and sisters, usually not a glorified position. Servants to Pure Nobility mostly or perhaps as advisors but most are scorned by their higher cousin’s and cast from their home land where they have very few choices left Like.

    Go rogue and make a living being bandits.

    Try and take control of a already weakened country

    Find a Pure Noble family to take them on as servants or glorified trophies

    Head into another part of the world seeking Glory and wealth

    Or Become a Mercenary Band for Hire.

    This is a list of the most Accomplished Minor Nobility Clans in list starting from the weakest to strongest.

    Tuscan Fangs, a once noble fighting force lead by the Tuscan Family, was cast out of their home land and swiftly took stock as a feared Bandit force, mostly Axmen and fight using guerilla hit-and-run tactics. Lead by a man Calling himself the Wolf’s Jaw

    The Mermen of the Aryth- A group of costal Pirates that mainly harass the Denecium and the Sea Folk, having got their hands on the Sea Folks Ships secret, though oddly enough they have never reveled it. They have no singular leader but have captains for each ship, the captains keeping each other in line and making sure that the booty is split evenly.

    The council of Sulthine- Believe it or not, the strongest country in the Land of Planes was started by a weak Minor Noble Family that was cast out by the Dormier Royal family, and as such the two countries have a rocky relationship but gold is gold.

    The Knights of the Half Moon- a Powerful Mercenary Force that consists mostly of Heavy Calvary, Foot Soldiers and a force of Five hundred Stryder’s and Loki and are fighting for the title of most powerful force With the Malkier Knights of Gasconthia. Lead by the King of Dormier

    Malkier Knights of Gasconthia- Being a Higher Noble Family right below Pure Blood the Name of BisQual was highly respected for their academic achievements and were once in possession of the Country now Called Dormier acting as scholars and had a friendly relationship with many of the other countries but nearly fifty Years ago they were driven from their land by the Dormier Knights of the Half Moon and had no choice but to adapt, leaving behind their scholarly ways the Family of BisQual adapted a harsh code under the Leadership of Percival BisQual. ‘War is not a tragedy, but a path to truth, Death is not an ending, but a Beginning, Pain is not a weakness, but a birth of Power’ and started training an army, accepting all who wished to join and developed a force numbering nearly two hundred thousand then lead a brutal war against the Dormier, nearly whipping out all their forces and burning down their capital only to retreat and pledge their swords to Gasconthia for unknown reasons, where they are now lead by BattleLord Lynce BisQual, Son Of Late BattleLord Luc BisQual. They have a strange System as while they have a central Leader, the BattleLord has a council of three Advisors that if believing him to be leading the Malkier Knights in the wrong direction, have the right to plant a dagger in his back and take control until another BisQual is raised into the Position.





    Minor Nobility: Yes/No (Can make your own Minor Family but ask first)



    Stryder/Loki: Yes Or No

    Appearance: (Written, No pictures)



    Exceptional skills/traits:
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