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  1. wizarddog
    Use this Forum to make OOC comments and questions to the GM regarding the game.
  2. zenjin
    we started this discussion in email...

    what do you all think of this idea-
    my droid gets two unassigned feats. i used one for skill training (treat injury), i could use the other for skill focus (treat injury) or surgical expertise. the difference being with skill focus it can take 10 and do all the surgeries itself. with surgical expertise, one of us trained in treat injury can assist and take 10 to do 6 surgeries/hour. the second option seems to be the best to me but it puts us down two PC's if a ship encounter happens while surgery is going on.

    curtis replied with:
    Since healing in the field is more likely to be first aid with medpacs, it's probably a very good idea to have 1 character with skill focus in treat injury. Surgical expertise is *probably* best on a droid since a droid can work tirelessly and won't need to abandon its patient if something unexpected happens. Not that the droid cannot accompany us on missions, but if something happened to it, or we couldn't bring it along for some reason, we wouldn't want to leave our best First Aid person behind.
  3. zenjin
    i could take skill focus(treat injury), but at some point it becomes redundant since i will be boosting wisdom every chance i get. so it seems like it might be a waste of a feat. right now i get +7 to treat injury, + another 2 for the med kit my droid is going to be carrying around. at level 2 that goes to +8 (with the half level). so i can do first aid out of combat by taking 10 w/medkit and medpac for a guaranteed +7 HP of healing. level 4 when wis goes from 15 to 16, that is a whopping +12. the extra +5 seems like overkill. i think the treat injury DC is 15 to heal your level of HP and every point you beat it by you heal an extra HP. with a medkit, level 2 i would just have to roll higher than 4, with the skill focus, we would never fail a first aid check. at level 12 it would just be absurd. +6 half level + 4 wis + 5 trained + 5 focus + 2 kit. +22 to a skill with DC 15. not sure how hard enemies hit at level 12 but that is a minimum 20 points of healing with roll of 1. does anyone else think it is worth burning a feat to get skill focus treat injury?

    i will put surgical expertise on the droid though.

    i was planning on moving into the force adept prestige class, but that is going to require i take weapon proficiency (lightsabers) or multiclass into a jedi to get the proficiency. i'm not terribly interested in having the weapon for combat. so if anyone wants to recommend other prestige classes i'm open to it. if i fill out the medic role in the party i think there is actually a medic prestige class.

    since i will have force powers, i am open to any suggestions of talents / powers to pick up. maybe update my character concept a little to be a force based healer in addition to the treat injury stuff. the only one i know of right now is vital transfer.
  4. Shimeran
    I'd say you're better off investing in Surgical Expertise one you're high enough to manage auto-success without assistance. That way we've got two speed surgeons. Another option worth looking at are the team feats (Galaxy at War, p.28). In fact, I'd suggest looking at those team feats for anyone who's considering skill training as they usually come with a nice little perk.

    In this case, feat in question would be Medical Team. I'd be willing to go in for that if you are. It's almost as big a competence bonus (3 + # of allies w/ feat, max +7) while letting players team up on first aid for an extra 4 hp. That's effectively around 10 extra hp (4 bonus + 2 assist + 4 extra) vs 7 (5 bonus + 2 assist) for Skill Focus.

    That would have to wait a little bit though. I need to get mechanics trained and there's a feat that lets me use Int for my reflex defense (Predictive Defense). Once those are out of the way, I'm fairly open on new feats.

    On a related note, what scores are people planning to pump? I'll probably focus on Int myself for high knowledge and mechanics checks. Dex and cha might be good secondary options, but I'd like to know what the rest of the group is shooting for.
  5. zenjin
    actually, i just realized your inspire talent means i can take 10 out of combat and hit a 20 with a surgical kit. i was going to pump dex for the defense bonuses and the off chance to use a lightsaber with weapon finesse. but after a game session, i'm thinking that would have me spread out too much. i'll just have to suck it up for 2 levels until i can use force powers at level 3 and be mainly a noncombatant. i am going to pump wis and cha. that way my UTF checks and social skills stay high, and wis will give me more force powers and treat injury ability. in terms of my defenses... the best i can figure out would be to have a guard shoto lightsabre with the block/deflect talents. but that is a minimum investment of 3 levels of jedi and there are some other talents i am more interested in. so likely i will just be super squishy all game.

    i'm wondering if the droid can take the medical team feat instead of surgical expertise. or possibly if we get enough money, you could buy the same model droid i have. the hv-7 loading droid on pg 77 of legacy era book. costs 1950 credits and has 2 unassigned feat slots. would work with your guy well because it is trained in mechanics. maybe it holds your tools and helps on repairs to other things.

    edit - the team feat isn't listed as a bonus feat for any class. so we would have to take it at level 1, 3, 6, 9, etc. i can't do that if i want to take force training to have actual powers to use.
  6. zenjin
    predictive defense is great. i'm going to work on being the procurement specialist / healer. see if i can figure out a build that works for both. probably take wealth at lvl3. i think it is going to involve going the improviser route eventually for the black market buyer talent and bonus credits to spend in the black market. black market buyer is sort of weak but fits the theme nicely.
  7. zenjin
    i biffed my build. i thought the racial conditional bonus feat was skill focus (use the force). it's actually force training if you are trained in use the force. so, now i can take vital transfer. down side is that next level i have to take skill focus (utf). so the droid doing surgery is going to be it for a while. i won't have a free feat until like level 4 or 5 to get surgical expertise. not sure if it will be worth it then.
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