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Looking for players who are interested in a homebrewed system (20 years of development, d100) in a massive, multi-verse sandbox setting with typical "quest mods" also thrown in. There are 4 sessions a week play on whichever days you are able to/whatever dates are available. Some people play twice a week, some twice a month, it's completely up to you. Opportunities to guest-GM are also available. 2 PM UK time. Microphone & WebCam required. PM/message below if you want more info. We use roll20 and (currently) Streamyard - both of which are free as is the game.

Youtube example of a new players first session:

If you like what you see, head over to heroiccthulhu.proboards.com (not associated with the Great Cthulhu, all hail him) and go through the 'new players start here' section to get involved.

(Note, I don't check these boards but since they sent me another birthday e-mail I thought I'd put up another post. I can be contacted through the proboards).
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