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Herding Cats

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Which is essentially what a DM does.

There were a couple of sessions I didn't blog about because they were kinda short. But the group brokered a treaty between some kobolds and dwarves and now war has broken out. So the group is heading to the Confederation of Kingdoms to convince them to ally with Borellon and Callan, because otherwise the relative evenness of the two sides forces would result in a long, bloody, war (not counting the humanoid tribes involved.) The group:

Ellwick-Gnomish sorceress (power hungry and slightly competent)

Rochester - Halfling rogue (worse rogue eve)

Morethump Hammer- human cleric of Pelor (basically he keeps things moving)

Tharivol Gallad- Elvish bard (NPC I control for comedy relief, plot exposition, and because I miss playing)

As the group rode east, contemplating the madness of King Roland of Borellon, the came across a hill. Stopping to check over the crest, they saw a large group of twelve gnolls patrolling the area. Unwilling to skirt around them, and accidently making the gnolls suspicious, the group attacked. Morethump stayed on the hill to use a couple of dwarven bombs, and Tharivol covered him against gnoll crossbows with his Elven Autocross (firing rate 30 rounds per minute fixed.)

Ellwick used sleep and a lot of Magic Missiles to take out several axe wielding gnolls, and Rochester's sneak attack managed to down one as well. The rest were sniped by Tharivol or maced by Morethump as he charged down the hill to battle.

The gnolls defeated and looted, the group continued to Alfix, the largest town closest to the Borellon/Duchy of Lylan border, and the location for the negotiations. Unfortunately all the delegates and observers from the warring nations hadn't arrived yet, so the group went shopping.

While shopping Ellwick came across a magic shop. The gnome inquired about Ellwick's quarterstaff, and made her an offer, because:

"Many years ago a human wizard built a castle on a hill near Alfix, and inside he conducted his experiments, and guarded them when he was away. Several years ago he left and has not returned, but in his garden there is a magically enhanced oak tree. If you can bring me some of its branches, I can fashion you a better quarterstaff. Id go myself, but no one who has entered the castle has returned."

The group decided to go together, and so they walked to the aging castle...

To be continued.

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  1. Frobozz's Avatar
    Nice hook!