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Bughunt! XD

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Yesterday's (02/06/2010) adventure consisted of killing Giant Ants (where's the bug spray when you need it?) of various types (mostly minions) and praying to (and cursing) the dice gods.

As a show of their fickleness, Arbek hit quite often in the beginning, and then hit a pretty long streak of no hits. Saving throws were thrown fairly often (mostly of poisonous type), including death saves by Arbek, Ergo, and Lynus. Jam's temp hp saved his hide on numerous occasions, so the bard didn't have to (mostly rescuing the fighter's plate armor-covered ass). Ergo,the warlock, was having a heap o' trouble connecting with his eldritch blast (probably because shakin' in his boots from fear of the six-legged beasties).

We did find a fair bit o' gold and loot (including the woundstitch powder, a pair of bracers, a +1 greataxe of aftershock, and some +1 platearmor that gives 10+con mod temp hp) amongst the bug and dwarf carcasses.

And as a bonus for all our hard work, we leveled up! ^_^

NOTE: If you live in within a reasonable driving distance of Fontana, we could use a fifth member (preferably a controller).

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  1. Ashene's Avatar
    Bugs?!? Eww...get 'em off me! Sounds like you had a bit of a rough time with the bugs but you persevered. I'm glad to see you're having fun...and I'm jealous that you have a tabletop game. There's nobody here (that I know of) in the area who plays. Keep up the great adventuring...and stay bug-free!