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The Gourmet Adventurer

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After a few more days of travel and some small encounters later, the group climbed a fair amount up the side of Mt. Telwargath to a cave looking for some wild blue mountain scragweed to finish their potions of invulnerability. Our on a cliffside, they come to a cave opening with the plant growing all around. Og is holding one of the many cookbooks from his pack, reading off some of his favorite dishes.

Og: "Ohhh!! Dis wun gud!! Chicken-fry buholder eye stalk!! Mmmmm...."

Heinrich: "How can that lump even read?"

Garion, glancing over at Og's book: "It's all pictures."

Heinrich: "Hey Og, ever have gnoll?"

Og: "Gnoll tough... greasy."

Heinrich: "How about dragon?"

Og: "Never eat dragon. Og hear dragon YUM!"

Dragon announces he's checking out the cave and Garion announces he's picking some of the scragweed. I inform Dragon about what he sees in the cave.

Dragon: "Uhh.... Og, ever eat chimera?"

Og: "Hmm... no, wanted to try tho.... "

Dragon: "Here's your chance!!"

Dragon draws his swords and is backing out of the cave. Two chimera follow challenging him. The party rolls initiative.

Og: "Oooo!! Og happy!"

Og draws his short sword; a weapon he only uses to butcher kills. Heinrich starts off combat with a mirror image. One chimera leaps at Dragon, the other at Garion. Og leaps at the one on Garion and tackles it to the ground stabbing it.

Og: "Maybe each part taste different! Maybe chimera like smorgasbord all in one!!"

Heinrich, casting Burning Hands and hitting the chimera Og is on top of: "Here Og, let me help you with that one!"

Og: "Get snake part next! Snake not gud raw!"

Garion runs over to help out Dragon who's taken a few hits now. After another round or two, the chimera are dead. Og begins butchering the beasts.

Og: "Hmm.... Og have problem..."

Dragon: "What's that Og?"

Og: "Og no know how to cook chimera!"

Dragon: "How about in a stew?"

Og: "OOOOHHH!! Chimera is pot-luck stew all in one!! Dragon smart!!"

Garion: "Why do you encourage him??"

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  1. Blydden's Avatar I am craving chimera stew. Hmm...*gets evil DM idea*