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Random musings of an insane writer

Long live Saga!

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It was an ordinary day, much like other days. I got up, showered, shaved, brushed my teeth and walked into the kitchen to brew some espresso. Naturally, I switch on my laptop and go skimming my usual news sites(mostly gaming related, hee), everything seemed normal enough, so I glanced over at the espresso machine and began to make my way over there when something caught my eye. It was a news item about Star Wars Saga Edition. I stopped, went back to my laptop and clicked it open.


Well shiest, WotC's decided to release the Star Wars License from Lucas. A range of emotions rippled through me. From sadness, to rage, to...well everything.

It also happened to be my birthday....Great news to get on your bday.

At least I've been able to secure a copy of Starships, a friend had graciously hidden a copy for my present. I thank ye. Now, I'll have to try and find a copy of Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide. Since it's OOP, its going to be difficult to get my hands on. I've got feelers out at used book places locally, but no hits yet. It's the only hard to get book other than Starships right now, so I want to secure it as soon as possible and not have to pay 120-200 dollars on amazon(WTH, sellers? Gouge much? I'll kill you all!). Jackals.

Sadly, this turn of events means that SE will lose some players just because of natural attrition due to the perception that a system is 'dead'.

Most players, however, are not so short sighted. We have a complete system, with the release of Unexplored Regions in May. And any bugs in the system can be corrected with House rules. The final errata will be released soon as well.

Well, Saga is dead, long live Saga!

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