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Og learns "Borrow"

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Same team from the previous story, the group left Undermountain with certain rare reagents they found in an alchemy lab with the idea they'd use them to brew up a pot of potion of invulnerability. They needed a rare herb though that grew up in the mountains to the east of Waterdeep. With that herb, they could brew about 6 potions, which they intended to use in the deeper levels of the dungeon.

Heinrich was being his typical crass self. At one point before they left, he sent Nahals, his pseudodragon familiar to steal Og's wineskin. In general, he treated Og like dirt because Og was generally too stupid to know when he was being insulted. At this point though, Og was catching on.

They made camp the first night out.

Dragon: "Hey Og, go get some firewood and we'll cook up the deer Garion killed."

Og: "MMMM.... DEER YUM. NOT LIKE MANTICORE. YOU NO EAT MANTICORE!!" *Og holds his stomach and rolls his eyes up groaning as he remembers something about that incident*

Garion: "Uhh... no, we not eat manticore Og..."

Og starts trudging off into the brush and Heinrich sees it as an opportunity to go through Og's pack.

Dragon: "Heinrich, what the hell are you doing?!"

Heinrich: "That magic dagger you gave Og is going to go to waste... I could use a new knife!"

Dragon: "Og's going to kill you when he comes back!"

Heinrich: "He won't even know it's gone. The only reason he took it was because he needed a toothpick!"

*Og suddenly comes back through the brush* "WHAT HEINRICH DOIN?!"

Garion: "Oh, this is going to be good..."

Heinrich: "Uhh... hey Og... I was just gonna borrow your toothpick!"

Og: "Borrow?"

Heinrich: "Yea, it's when you let a buddy use something." *Heinrich holds up Og's dagger +2*

Og: "Uhhh...... " *Og eyes cross and narrow as he struggles to comprehend. Heinrich walks back over to his pack with Og's dagger. Finally, Og just stops trying to comprehend and walks over to retrieve his axe to cut down a tree for firewood.*

Garion: "You're lucky Heinrich, you keep pulling that crap and Og's going to make a sandwich out of you."

Heinrich: "Bah, he's too stupid to figure it out."

They all ate and split up the night into watches. Heinrich always took the last watch since he could then memorize spells before the rest woke up. He wakes up, opens his bag and grabs his spellbook.

Me: "Heinrich, you open your spellbook and are horrified to see several torn out pages."

Heinrich: "WHAT?! Which spells!?"

Me: "The rest of you guys get stirred awake by Heinrich's shout. Heinrich, it looks like some of your third circle spells... Dispel Magic, Lightning Bolt, and Hovering Skull."

Heinrich: "WHAT??! My floaty skull spell's gone?! I liked that spell!"

Me: "Suddenly you hear some groaning from the brushline. You turn and see Og step out of the bushes pulling his loincloth back up."

Og: *Turns to Heinrich with a huge grin* "OG BORROW!"

Heinrich: "WHAT???!!!" *Runs over to the hedgeline*

Me: "You find your missing pages... looks like Og needed toilet paper."

Heinrich: "NOOO!!!!" *Dragon is laughing so hard he falls out of his chair*


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