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Fungi From Yuggoth Campaign notes

Episode I

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Summary CofC - January 30, 2009

The Diary of Evelyn Stimple
October 1, 1927
Jarvis, Mrs. Timmons' manservant, made arrangements for me to spend some time in Providence, RI with Mrs. Timmons. He said she had a matter of urgency to discuss with me regarding my old school friend and her son, Brian. From what Jarvis told me Alte would be there as well.

Mrs. Timmons had also invited other acquiantences of Brian and the Timmons family, Mr. Goodness, Dr. Sneed and Ms. Greggs along with me and Alte. The matter: She recently had to have Brian committed to an asylum due to strange behavior. Apparently, after he dropped out of school he began reseaching his ancestors. He had a particular interest in a paternal great great grandfather, Douglas Timmons, who was born in 1662 and reportedly died in 1770 - yes 108 years later! Strange thing is, Douglas Timmons is said not to have aged into an old man. It was rumored he was a warlock and was involved with witchcraft in Salem, Mass. Brian found the farm on which Douglas Timmons used to live, purchased it and has been living there for about a year. Since then his behavior has gotten worse until finally, Mrs. Timmons had to have him committed a month ago. She let us browse through his room for clues that might help us figure out why he's gone looney. We didn't find much of anything except for a book that had a woodcut of Douglas Timmons. He and Brian look an awful lot alike.
October 2, 1927
The 5 of us visited Brian in the hospital - Holmes Sanitarium. Dr. Willet gave us some background as to his treatment to date - none of which seems to be helping. Brian only seems to be getting worse. We all saw him and it was apparent that he did not really recognize me or Alte or the others for that matter. Something came over Alte at one point where he was sick to his stomach and needed to leave the room. I had a strange experience with Brian - he lunged at me, like he was going to strangle me - during our conversation. It was most unsettling. Brian only wants to leave the asylum and get back to his farm. He is unsure as to why he's even in the hospital. Though we can't really conclude what's wrong, Brian definitely didn't seem to be himself.

To find out what's what the 5 of us headed to the library and found out there have been instances of grave robbing lately.
October 3, 1927
We arrived at the Timmons estate, unannounced. Jarvis filled us all in on the circumstances of Mr. Timmon's untimely death - falling over the bannister and a strange shadow he saw. The shadow, possibly of Brian's 'strange' friend Mr. Blane. We have yet to encounter this Mr. Blane.

The we got the key from Mrs. Timmons and headed to Brian's farm. It was most disgusting. We uncovered a corpse hidden behind the fireplace. The corpse was wearing Brian's class ring! Was this Brian? We do not yet know. And if this is Brian, then who is in the sanitarium? The corpse was very decayed and we were not able to identify it. We went to the local police - they were most unhelpful and rude. Dr. Sneed arranged it so he and his collegue would be able to examine the corpse back in Providence. Also, Ms. Greggs found out that the grave that was robbed on April 27th was that of Douglas Timmons. Most curious!
Alte recovered a diary from Brian's farm. We found some most interesting passages - descriptions of catacombs and words of warning like 'only bring up what you can put down' or something of that sort. We're not sure what it means, but are curious to find these catacombs.
October 4, 1927
Back in Providence we secured supplies and then went back to the farm. We explored the old tower and other ruins on the farm. We were fortunate (maybe) to uncover an old well. Looking in the well we saw rungs and another opening about 15 feet down. Is this what we're looking for?

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