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Girls Boys and evey one else

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What kind of poeple does every one like in a gaming group?????

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  1. Sneaksta's Avatar
    mature, a bit funny in context, know how to roleplay, and as for the gender, it doesn't matter really, as long as we can all get along and have fun.....

    Also having a opposite gender or few.... is cool for different perspective's/new ideas, if.. and only if! all the players can be mature about the mix. I have been in a couple groups where so and so's GF plays too, or not even a GF , and it turns into juvenile " boink the chick" , wanted and even more pointedly, unwanted where the female player doesn't want to come play anymore because the undersexed/desperate nerdboy can't control himself... LOL
  2. kalin's Avatar
    sounds pretty bad. Maybe have the GF player and her BF player, have their characters actually be a couple in the game. So if one of the other player characters try to make a move, the BF player can pone him in the game, instead of across the table.