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"Gamer Chicks"

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I've never blogged...ever...on any site whatsoever, so why now? I just wanted to know what everyone thinks about this topic.

I mean, what's so special about "Gamer Chicks" or female gamers? I am one myself, and honestly it's not that big a deal is it? I have met several women gamers and they play many more MMORPG's or console games than I ever did in my entire lifetime. Perhaps it's because I like to role play more than ROLL play, that I'm more into the pen and paper aspect than video games.

Though my experience is pretty much limited to 2nd edition D&D and a bit of Hero system, I'm not as well-versed on rules and gaming worlds. I have only been exposed to a few limited sources. Only recently have I been able to read up on other games out there, and it's mind-boggling to me how many of them there actually are.

The only MMORPG I've been fortunate to play is Final Fantasy XI, the online game, and I'm content with playing that on PC, as I've never owned any sort of gaming console, save for the old-school Commodore64. I'm not sure how many of you would remember that.

It's been a fun experience here at PPG for me so far, meeting a lot of excellent people and participating in several homebrew playtests. Given the fact I love playing female elves, playing a human isn't exactly my cup of tea but I'll do it if I have to.

Apologies for the rambling but to be honest, I haven't really blogged before so this might be a whole bunch of random thoughts strewn together by the time I'm finished but we'll see.

I find I'm always in a role-play mood, and I really have no preference as to the style. It can be fantasy or sci-fi, or even a serious murder case, I love adventure and action. The only qualm I have is the dice roller in the chat absolutely HATES me...but then again, I have no luck when it comes to getting decent rolls even with the dice I own!

Anyway enough prattle...this might be my only entry but it's a long pointless many blogs can be.



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  1. Arkhemedes's Avatar
    Well, all I have to say is: The world could use more Gamer Chicks. Gamer Chicks are cool. Keep on rambling on!
  2. Sascha's Avatar
  3. Karrnathi's Avatar
    I think the big thing about "gamer chicks" is the popular view society seems to take towards gamers. The common stereotypical portrayal is of a bunch of teenage boys with no sense of style, an unclean appearance, and bad acne. While this might be the case in some instances it is certainly not everyone.

    Therefore, everytime a "gamer chick" is encountered you are seen as a physical symbol of what gamers are not. That, or you're seen as someone who just might get in bed with those who are the stereotype. That's my theory.
  4. froglegg's Avatar
    Nice write up Ash, Keep it going

  5. Blydden's Avatar
    Definitely not pointless. Can't wait to read your next ramble. (Make more)
    Hey wait a second...
  6. Anachronist's Avatar
    Simply by saying things like "gamer chicks rock!" is still establishing a preconception. I've gamed with women that were nice, that were obnoxious, that played well, that spent an hour and a half thinking of a good name for their pack horse (which they end up abandoning outside the dungeon), and I've seen that women and men have the same potential to be a good or bad gamer.

    I think it's a social acceptance thing; since popular opinion is usually down on gamers, it's nice and surprising to see a woman that won't automatically laugh at us when they see our miniatures collection.
  7. cigamnogard's Avatar
    Yes, the world could certainly use more gamer chicks.
  8. Skunkape's Avatar
    One thing to add to Karrnathi's comment about the popular view of gamers, they're guys who game still live in their parent's basement! :-)

    It's really a common misconception, so is the idea of women gaming, but it's nice to see that there are those of us of both sexes who are trying to break the stereo type!
  9. ZTORMBRINGER's Avatar
    I don't find it all that strange... while i do see thenm as unqiue i've never been with out... i've played with girls since I started and I usually have anywhere from 3-5 in my 8 player game at any given time... and yes some are Rpers while others just want to hit it and kill it and get its loot... and then they're are the ones that name the smae pets that will end up left behind or dinner... lol
    keep up the desire to rp... it is the true reason why the game exist in the first place...

  10. Skunkape's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ZTORMBRINGER
    keep up the desire to rp... it is the true reason why the game exist in the first place...

    Well, actually, DnD started out as a tactical simulation, but grew into the PnP RP we know today!