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Lynus the Bard

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I started playing (Half-elf prescient bard named Lynus) in a table-top game today with tobyk (DM), his brother (Kenny: Elf Avenger of Pursuit named Jam), one of their friends (Scott: Dwarf Fighter named Arbek), and somebody else who was also new to the group (Adam: Eladrin Feylock named Ergo).

Some memorable moments:

Watching Arbek butcher a cow that some wolves had killed. We were then attacked by those wolves. When the wolves were dead, Lynus skinned the wolves, mutilating all but two of the skins in the process.

We got to our destination, dropped off our delivery and picked up some outgoing stuff and left the next morning. On our way out of the village, we were accosted by a man who demanded we pay 20g a person. Obviously we said no and the dwarf and Lynus told the guy to move. Obviously he said no and the fight was on. Between the two of them, Jam and Arbek slew the man who'd demanded some money. In the midst of kicking his butt, the guy called for reinforcements. When the guy died, I told his companions to get lost. A few did, but Arbek and Jam kept fighting the guys in front of them. Naturally, the bandits died.

Later on down the road we were accosted by a dozen more bandits (I think, tobyk would know the exact number). I tried to tell them we kicked the other bandits' butts, but they didn't listen. And since we were pretty well outnumbered, Jam got the caravan going again at high speed and got away, dealing some damage to the bandits in the process.

Once we got into town, Jam tried to argue with the lady who'd hired us to guard her caravan about a stay in a tavern in the other city. It didn't work. She still payed us 100g each for work we did and then we divided up the gold we'd found on the previous group (45g split four ways, 11g each plus 1g for the group pot).

In conclusion, I had fun and I'm pretty sure everybody else had fun. Thanks for a good game, tobyk.

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  1. Ashene's Avatar
    Sounds like you had fun, Dar. Hope to see more soon.
  2. Anachronist's Avatar
    "Stand and deliver!"
    "But we payed our protection fee to your leader!"
    "Hah! No! Just kidding! Whack 'em, guys!"
  3. Blydden's Avatar
    Damn. Now I am a craving a manwich.