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Independant Gamer Perspective

When it works well

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So, its been a while since I blogged. A lot of the campaign has changed, but it moves forward. I'm thinking of using a minor plot line from a friend who ran an adventure in Dwindor Swamp with this evil tree, undead forces from Gwinn, and sunken boat and artifacts. Anyway, the old witch is dead and the new characters have to return to this evil place - so i contact LArry who came up with the whole thing and was the GM. He gives me the details on the history of the place and how the magics works.

And its like he was reading my mind!! For the play scenario i'm planning, you could not have invented a better background and plot details to aid with it all. Its almost eerie how well it all fit together, it nearly crossed that line from strange coincidence to frightening omen. Anyway, now i'm completely enthused to finish writing down my ideas for this adventure because EVERY just works now - the entire history of the place, its current use, my plot lines and even the NPC's make sense. Its like we collaborated directly on it, and it just saved me hours of peripheral thought to come up with all of it. I love it when 2 GM's gel like that and things just work out perfect. Plus, he can continue building on it with my work and maybe GM a scenario later with our combined materials. Sweeeeeeet.

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