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Is It Time To Come Back?

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I just joined Pen and Paper. I'm very happy I did, too. I have been on a gaming hiatus for about two years now. Prior to that, I was/am a gaming veteran of over 20 years. I love tabletop gaming. I started with the "Little Red Box", and the rest is history. Like most of you reading this, gaming has been my hobby and my passion. I've had some killer groups - and good friends - over the years. My last gaming experience really went sour, though. I had some bad chemistry with one of the group members. This lead to issues with other group members that just could not understand the problem. I had some life frustrations as well. I know that part of the problem was me. I know that part of the problem was the group, too. I realized that I was not getting something I needed from gaming any more, especially from that group. I did not know what that was, though. So, I decided to "leave the table" for a while.

With 2 years of not gaming, the bug is really biting me again. I am still not sure if I have realized what I am looking for in gaming again, so I am a little worried about repeating my last situation. At 37 years old, I'm sure my "tastes" in gaming have changed some. I do know that DMing is my preference at the gaming table. My history and experience with D&D, Alternity, and Shadowrun have shown me that I am a good DM and I am pretty good at it. I guess the question is what sort of people am I looking for in my group? What style of game do I want to run? I don't mean D&D versus Shadowrun. I mean do I want to run a fun, light-hearted game or a more serious/mature game?

What all this boils down to, is that I am seeking advice from you folks. I am hoping there are some of you out there that have experienced this type of problem and have some pointers.

BTW, I live in Carrollton, TX. Anybody interested in a D&D 3.x game. I believe I will be running and original world if not an original twist on Mystara.


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  1. Anachronist's Avatar
    The game is a social thing. Whether it be Warhammer, D&D, Rifts, or even Toon, it's a social gathering of people that are there to have a good time. It's supposed to be fun.

    And there's no reason to play a game that's not fun.

    Yes, a lot of this depends on the GM providing an enjoyable storyline and challenging scenario. But if the players don't get along well, then it won't work out at all.

    You said it yourself; you don't need a different game. You need a different group. Taking time off may have reminded you just how much you like to play, but it won't resolve the issues you had with another player.

    I'd say that you should do just what you said; get back into it. Start your game up again, maybe contact some of the previous players if you have no issues with them. Perhaps the person with whom you had friction has left, and they need a new (fill in the class).

    If you don't enjoy the group with whom you're playing, give it some time and give them a fair chance. But if they just don't give you the same fun, then move on and find a group with whom you can enjoy the game. At worst, you'll meet new people and get out of the house more. At best, you'll find a new tribe with whom you fit in, and have some fun again.