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Travis Zhou

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Agility D8
Strength D6
Vitality D10
Alertness D8
Intelligence D8
Willpower D8
Derived Attributes
Life Points 18
Initiative D8+d8
Athletics D4
Discipline D2
Guns D6 (-shotguns D8)
Heavy Weapons D4
Influence D6 (-persuasion D8)
Knowledge D4
Mechanical Engineering D4
Melee Weapon Combat D4
Perception D6
Pilot D6 (-mid-bulk freighters D8)
Planetary Vehicles D6 (-hovercraft D8)
Technical Engineering * D6 (-technical Repairs D8)
Unarmed Combat D4
Allure (m) - Travis is right handsome, and takes steps to maintain his looks
Blue-blooded (m) - Travis was a technical director of no small import on Osirus, and there are folk there who hold him in high regard
Moneyed Individual (M) - between his corporate pension and his investments, Travis is able to live quite well.
Good Samaritan (m) - Ever since before the War, Travis has always had a soft spot for lost causes, much to the consternation of his superiors and peers.
Nosy (m) - He just doesn't know how to mind his own business.
Rebellious (m) - Travis always did things his own way, even when he worked for the Man.
Gear (wt)/Die/Effect
Carbine Format Automatic Shotgun (12) D10w, range 30, ROF 3, Magazine 10
Fusion Torch (6) D6b
Armored Duster (4) 4w, -1 Agi
Combat Sword (6) D6w
Sawed-off Shotgun (10) D10w, range 6, ROF 2, Magazine 10
CAD Board (5)
Electronic Tool Kit (45)
Mechanic’s Tool Kit (130)
Dedicated Source Box (30)
180 shotgun shells
1 roll of patch tape
1 Bottle of Good Whiskey

1081 credits
The Cheetah
Full hovercraft
Specifications: Dimensions: 5x5x10, Tonnage: 500 lbs, Speed: 6 / 8, Crew: 1, Fuel: 100lbs (400 Hours), Cargo: 125lbs, Passengers: 1
Stats: Agility d6, Strength d4, Vitality d6, Alertness d4, Intelligence d4, Willpower d4
Life Points 10, Initiative d6+d4
Traits: Born in the Blue, Gas Guzzler, Nimble (air)
Skills: Athletics d6, Heavy Weapons d4, Mechanical Engineering d4, Perception d4, Planetary Vehicles d6
Complexity: Very High
Price: €360
Maintenance Costs: €12

Character Notes: Travis left the corporation on more or less friendly terms. He was tired of the apathy displayed by the upper class, so he moved to the Border.
His main hobbies are flying, computers, and target practice.
He works as a general contractor and occasional pilot on Beaumonde.

Plot Points: 6
Advancement points: 1

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