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Darker than Black

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Just finished watching Season One of Darker than Black and I've gotta say I might have a new favorite anime here.

The story is set in the near future where a secret group of people known as contractors run around behind the scenes and the general public have no idea they exist. The governments, of course, do know they exist and exploit their special abilities.

These abilities come at a cost, known as Renumeration. Say a contractor uses his/her ability, whatever it may be, afterwards, they have to perform a renumeration to 'pay' for the use of their power. BK-201, aka The Black Reaper has to eat alot of food after using his Electrokinesis ability. Another contractor, Wei, has to cut himself and draw blood after using his ability.

The night sky is completely different and the stars are no longer 'stars' as we know them. A Hell's Gate appeared in Tokyo, and A Heaven's Gate appeared in South America in the exact opposite parts of the world. After this event, contractors appeared. No longer human, contractors have supernatural abilities and are used by the powers-that-be for their own benefit. The stars each represent a contractor and certain groups track the stars to see if they become active and give them new Messier names such as BK-201. When a contractor dies, a star falls from the sky.

A group known as Pandora built a wall around Hell's Gate and is currently doing research on the Gate phenomenon. They are militaristic and very powerful.

The Syndicate is the power that controls nearly every aspect of life, and nobody knows they exist. The Black Reaper and his crew are used by the Syndicate throughout the series.

Dolls are emotionless people who have the ability to send out 'observer spirits' through certain mediums such as water or electricity. Their powers can be amplified in various ways.

The first season introduces the main characters and supporting characters and leads us on a romp through a world gone mad. Criminal contractors abound and the regular police force can't handle them. Enter the Public Safety Bureau which knows of the existance of contractors and endeavors to stop the criminal ones.

As the story progresses, we find out more about Black Reaper and his crew, a cat named Mao(contractor), Yin(Doll), and Huang(Human Syndicate). There are several supporting cast members that play minor comic relief roles as well as a love interest or two.

One of the best anime's I've seen in a long while. Pick it up or watch the entire first season on Hulu!

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