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Enter the worlds of Combination

Players, A GM's perspective

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There are two major things to keep in mind when endeavoring to role-play well. The first is to take a lesson from literature and the movies and have a character arc. A character arc is the journey the character undertakes over the course of the campaign.

No, we arenít referring to the journey from the tavern to the dungeon, itís the internal journey, the lessons of morality and knowledge that the character learns. The character could start as a generally good person and become corrupt when faced with temptations; she could start out as an immoral and greedy scoundrel but see the light that goodness brings to a personís life. He could start as a sniveling coward and grow into a stalwart warrior, or develop phobias of certain monsters or situations based on her experience. The possibilities are vast, and they need not be overly dramatic or involve an tremendous effort, but a change of some sort ought to take place. With some notable exceptions, a static character is a boring character.

On a related note, players need to let characters evolve naturally with the story. Unlike in literature, the player is not the only person fashioning the story; he needs to take into account another, very powerful influence on the tale in which his PC is one of the main charactersóthe GM. Although the player should have an idea where his character is starting and where he wants his character to go, if the DM throws a wrench into the works, as I always do on a personal note, the player should be prepared to take it into the heart of their character development. This kind of interaction alows me the GM to tailor a story to a character and his player.
Know your characterís motivations. What makes the character get up in the morning? The reasons need not invariably to be complex. Does he value wealth? If so, why does she value wealth? Perhaps he has a deep-seated fear of being poor and helpless. This is the extra step that most players do not take

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