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The Curmudgeon's Lair

Races of the Stonehome Chasm: Drow

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I wanted to give the Drow a unique feel as they will be one of the main protagonists later in the campaign (replacing the Gith). So I've split the Drow into a couple of factions and added a bit of techno-magic to make them seem cooler and more mysterious. Also I'm planning on using miniatures from the Scorpion faction of the the Confrontation, Age of Ragnarok game, to make them stand out visually (check out the at the bottom of the page).

The Drow lost untold numbers in the great cataclysm. Today the Drow can be split into three distinct groups, each of which was affected differently by the great cataclysm and the events that followed.

Most groups of Drow who were not killed outright either survived unscathed or moved deeper underground, finding new caverns in the underdark and establishing new cities and outposts. They maintained their cultural identities and customs unchanged and today give the great cataclysm, their stranded kin and surface dwellers little or no thought.

Other groups were not as fortunate, they became stranded by the collapse of vast sections of the underdark. They adapted as best they could and attempted to maintain their lives and traditions in the face of these new hardships thrust upon them. Most of these isolated enclaves fell into civil strife, anarchy, famine, cannibalism, and slave revolts. Five hundred years after the great cataclysm the groups, and very few at that, that survive, have been radically transformed. Two main groups survive. The first group maintains its traditional worship of Lolth, but now maintains the reason that they have become cut off from the underdark and their kin is some great sin that they have committed against Lolth. So when they are found outside of their underground enclaves they expose portions of their flesh to the sun, the burning pain it causes purifies them and helps atones for their sins. The second group has abandoned the worship of Lolth altogether and Tiamat has been adopted as their new deity. Some Drow have even argued that Pelor should be worshiped as the new face of evil and rumors circulate that cults of Pelor not only exist, but are responsible for the great cataclysm. In order to bring the burning rays of Pelor to the Drow. While both groups still prefer to live underground they now have the equipment designed to allow them to move comfortably around on the surface. Armored visors with lenses of smoked glass, lightweight and flexible metal armor, and heavy cloth prevent the painful rays of the sun from touching their being. They have gathered untold numbers of artifacts of dwarven creation and hoard these treasures and the knowledge derived from them. Further experimentation and innovation has resulted in highly sophisticated machines, weapons and armor.

Arcane Engines - used to power Arcane Airships.

Arcane Flyer - personal transportation device that allows an individual to hover or fly at 3 + Dex modifier (?).

Arcane Bracers and Gloves - grants user encounter powers similar to wands but are built into the armor and gloves so that the item need not be carried and cannot be dropped during flight.

These two groups have been in contact and at odds with each other for hundreds of years. Skirmishes, raids, infiltration , spying and subterfuge are common.

(No names for these groups yet)
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Updated 01-12-2010 at 12:32 AM by kirksmithicus

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  1. yukonhorror's Avatar
    pretty nifty minis
  2. kirksmithicus's Avatar
    yeah, now I just have to get them.