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nijineko's world

new year's resolutions and changes....

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happy new year's, everyone. i'm logging in from work during lunch to drop a quick global update for everyone.

first off, resolutions. mine is exercise. which translates to wii sports (boxing, as it uses both arms) and bike riding with the family. =D what is everyone else doing, assuming you made any?

second off, to my players and game masters... i am still alive, but will be mostly offline for long periods of time. even email will be slow to get to me. to the point that you might catch my attention faster if you snailmail me. ^^ or call. calling would be fastest, really. get a hold of me the slow way if you don't already have my contact info, and i'll see what i can do.

i do intend to pick up the gaming again, both playing and running games when my internet situation is resolved. i hope that my players and game masters are patient enough to wait it out. =D if so, my thanks and appreciation. if not, i do understand. ^^ as always, communication with you is what i desire, so let me know what's going on with your lives. =D

hope the new year finds you well.



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