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Enter the worlds of Combination

Some history of the world.

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Hmmm where to start? First I guess is what is the span of recorded history? The “Span of Recorded History” isn’t a tell all of the world, the last great war the “Time of the Mind Eaters” is about where the recorded history of the world starts this time was about 25 hundred years in the past. Before this is little more than rumor and innuendo.

The elves record this final war as “The Sacrifice”, It is called such because to end this great war the elves created a magic and feat of mentalisam so immense it literally tore the fabric of the world. Its culmination ended the blessing of mentalisam in the race of the elves, to this day not a single elf has been born bearing the gift of psionics or even capable of learning this art. It tore the minds of the mages all across the world and destroyed much of the mystic arts. It even seems to have sealed away or destroyed many of the gods of the realms.

This war fought long by all the races against the greatest scourge ever know to the races, the “Illithid”. The war has left behind a ravaged world still reeling and barely recovering from its horrors. This war also left behind the deepest of blood feuds, the “War of Men and Elf” for 25hundred years still being waged like the Hatfield and the McCoy’s bad blood.

This blood feud between the two great races is blamed on men primarily who the Elves say were willing slaves of the Illithid, the Elves also claim it is the first time that men were recorded to walk the realm. The Elves also claim it is men that are the cause of dilution of magic in the world, that mankind basically stole from the Elves their magic.

Mankind on the other hand claim that once they were a superior race that wielded immense power and that the elves somehow are the cause of their reduced strength, they claim that their history was once a tell all of incredible knowledge and wisdom that rivaled even the power of their gods. They also claim that theirs was the action that brought the end to the war with the Illithid and that the elves were a nothing race that were freed only by the action of man against the invasion of the Illithid.

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Updated 01-12-2010 at 02:54 AM by Opie Wan Kenopi

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  1. Opie Wan Kenopi's Avatar
    Missing magic

    There are certain spells, which have gone missing from the world sine the occurrence of the “Elf Wars”. The most prominent type of magic missing from the world is from the translocation groups.
    · All types of Teleport, Gate, Planar travel
    · This restriction applies also to other forms of translocation including but not limited to psionic travel. Hey it adds to the charm of my world believe me you will see why as the game develops.
    · Some types of travel that are dependent upon actual physical knowledge of an area work but the chance for error is greater than indicated in the core books.
    · Also missing are a large portion of the summoning magic. There are some that still work but it’s easier to say “ask me about them”, than going into the whole list.
    · Contact Higher plane magic dose not work anymore either.
    · Also there are certain pantheons whose clerics can no longer cast spells above 3rd level. Ask about your god if this might effect you.
    · Familiar magic. The ritual for mages to bind familiars is lost but still a thing of historical legend.
    o It is in fact, rumored that the elves are hording the secret of this magic.