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Dunstrand Rising: Delivery of the stolen Tax Wagon & Battle at Wrendler's Farm

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The tax wagon was delivered to Christiana in Easthoof successfully - Diedre can now start her civil war with her brother for Bar-Innis. The group was only given a couple, but were healed up and re-provisioned with the basics.

Along with two recent hires placed under "LT" Gide (as christened by Christiana now) they were sent to help out a rebellion in Cerran's Grant. Arriving in the wrong place, complete with their disguises of the Count's men, they were brought into the enemies line and given command of Cage Northfort. Cage only stayed because he knew the commander of the reserves, where were fronted by the left flank. Like a chess game, Gide divides up responsibility so that each person can accomplish their missions and no one suspects the real plan devised by Geri. Cage, Gide, Xar and Taer lead the left flank into the battle. A runner arrives just as the march starts saying that a preist of Gaia
will be leading the enemy and may use the stream bed - mystical effects may be present, but Anwin warns that those who falter will face his wrath. Geri, screaming to be heard, draws the messenger closer and cuts his throat as he bends down to yell into her ear.

Edric, donning the cap thrown to him by Geri, mounts up and grabs the messenger pennon of Anwin. As the battle is fought hard on the left flank, Geri vanished to the stream, followed by the priest of Malek. Cage unleashes his berserk fury and as the left flank folds it does not completely collapse. Edric waits for Anwin to commit to the
farmstead's attack and strike him from behind, knocking him from his horse. Crying "assassin, protect the master" he performs a daredevil maneuver, diving off his horse and landing atop the magus - point first with a dagger. In the resulting confusion, he enters the combat, getting brutally hurt in the few moments he tries to pass through to a palce of safety. The bodies mount in the left flank as Cage's berserk fury holds it from collapsing. The priest uses his command of nature to shoot lances of ice into the forces of Count Badgericus. The reserve forces are decimated, but the line holds around Cage. Geri, floating down as a wounded body, leaves the stream, and tricking the priest into believing she is an innocent (she not dressed link a soldier after all), says she has information on the enemy. Surprising the priest, she gets lucky and drives a dagger into his neck and her and the priest of Malek retreat under a hail of arrow fire - three striking her. They both float downstream, Geri nearly dead. When the priest tries to heal Geri, she rips open his shirt to see the grey symbol of Malek - and only shakes her head and tells him to work his healing.

Fighting a defensive action, the rest of the group have to cover Cage as his berserk state does not allow him to back down. Gide
nearly dies in taking blows meant for Cage which would have killed him. The battle ends, barely a victory for Count Badgericus and
Cerran's Grant. Gide has to take down Cage after his fury will not end and he strikes down one of the count's men and they prepare to fill him with arrows. In celebration, Gide names his band the Green River Brigade. They are celebrated into the night, and Gide finally takes the patched up Cage (stabilized anyway - he'll be out for several days) and leaves at nightfall, after hearing rumors of Anwin's death and an assassin. The group meets up at the appointed place a quarter
mile down the river. In a cold camp, they can can hear some soldiers looking for the Green River Brigade and wanting to celebrate. Debating on what to do next, Geri advocates heading to Anwin's without rest - she's fearful that the magus may have survived since Edric did not stand around to be sure. Only Xar really escaped without much damage.

Cage will definitely not be able to help, and the rest of the group is very damaged. Geri reminds the group that there are only 5 more guards remaining (unless Anwin's replaced one) and surprise will have on their side. At this point, everyone's operating under the leadership of Gide, and Geri feels that Cage can be persuaded to join the band since he's
a mercenary and was only hired for the one battle.

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