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Earthdawn Glossary

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Setting terminology and information (WIP)

adept Namegiver who can manipulate magic. Guided by the philosophy of their Discipline, they use their talents to enhance their actions. Adepts are able to advance in ability much more quickly than others are able to acquire skills. About 5% of the general population would have the capacity to become an adept, a little more than half of these Namegivers manage to find the Discipline that speaks to them and a compatible teacher willing to train them.

air sailor - Discipline - leaders of the crews of the airships that ply the skies

archer - Discipline - masters of ranged weapons

aropagoi - (t'skrang) - large trading collective encompassing several villages (Great House), led by a shivalahala

art -

astral imprint - The impression made by any living thing or inanimate object in astral space. Imprints of inanimate objects are typically intangible to astral travellers. Living things (including magical items) have presence.

astral space - A boundless regions that coexists and overlays the physical world. It is the gateway to the netherworlds and the medium of magic. Only sight and hearing are usable within astral space.

Barsaive - the Name given to the local province by the Theran Empire

beastmaster - Discipline - masters of the wild places and trainers of animals

blood betrayer - cavalryman term for one who has killed a mount, animal or comrade by transferring wounds from themself. Shunned.

blood charm -

blood elf -

blood magic - Requires a small sacrifice of life (usually in the form of blood) to power a talent, ability, item or promise. To some, it is a reminder of the Scourge and is looked at with suspicion, some adepts refer to it as "life magic" to counter this.

blood oath - A promise sealed by blood magic. Blood peace, blood promise and blood sworn are the common forms.

blood peace - Used to seal a truce between two individuals.

blood promise - Used to seal an agreement by two individuals to perform a task for each other.

blood sworn - A strong commitment between two loyal allies.

Blood Wood -

blood wound - Some blood magic causes damage or wounds that cannot be healed normally. Typically, may last for a year and a day or until a spell has lapsed or may require magical healing. Breaking of blood oaths may lead to permanent scars or wounds.

boatman t'skrang Discipline -

cavalryman - Discipline - masters of mounted combat, work in harmony with their chargers

corruption -

crakbill -

death magic -

Discipline a philosophy of life through which adepts are able to use magic. Some (magicians) are able to cast spells. All use magical talents. (e.g. Warriors use their talents to strike quickly, accurately and powerfully and to endure returning blows)

Discipline talent - one of the core talents of a particular Discipline, it expresses an essential element of the Discipline. They are also more efficient in the use of Karma.

dragon - usually included in the Namegiver races, they are few, old, possessed of great knowledge, immense in size and power, territorial and generally intolerant of unannounced visitors

dwarf - (33%) Organized, loyal and hirsute. About four feet tall, can live to 100. Prefer living underground.

dyre - large riding beast prized by ork cavalry, resembling a hunchbacked bison with large horns that curve upward, as a mammoth's tusks

elementalist - magician Discipline - focused on knowledge of and control over the five elements

elf - (10%) A divided people. Prefer open areas and nature. Stand six feet tall and can live to about 300. Many follow the five Paths, and about every 60 years will abandon their current Discipline to start a new one.

espagra -

gahad -

granlain - a large draft horse, able to support the weight of a troll

Half-magic -

Hand of Corruption -

Horror beings from some nether realm or distant astral space they seem to feed on and/or enjoy life energy especially in the form of emotional or physical distress that they have caused themselves. With the level of magic in the world diminished, the most powerful (Named Horrors) seem to be unable to physically manifest, although some lurk in astral space.

Horror Mark -

human - (15%) There are no predominantly human lands, they integrate themselves into the culture of others. Stand 5.5 feet tall and live to about 80. Prefer built, roofed homes.

huttawa - easily trained and favoured by dwarf cavalry, they have an eagle-like head on a lion's body

illusionist - magician Discipline - focused on the art of deception and the distinction between what is real and what is not

journeyman - human Discipline

kaer fortress towns built to protect people during the Scourge (also citadel)

Karma -

katorr -

kat'ral -

katera -

kernel -

key knowledge - a specific piece of information about a True Pattern (a part of the Pattern Knowledge)

krilworm -

kue - a nimble, cat-sized lizard sometimes ridden by windlings

lahala - (t'skrang) matriarchal leader (eldest female) of a niall (Honoured One)

liberator - ork Discipline -

life magic - politically correct terminology for blood magic

liferock -

living armour -

magician an adept with the ability to cast spells (any elementalist, illusionist, nethermancer or wizard and some powerful weaponsmiths)

Name - Naming an object (or person or place) focuses the magic of the world into a True Pattern. This can be part of a coming-of-age ceremony, a magical ritual or the passage of time.

Namegiver - A member of one of the races capable of Naming. This includes dwarfs, elves, humans, obsidimen, orks, trolls, t'skrang, windlings and (in their presence, at the very least) dragons.

nethermancer - magician Discipline - focused on the netherworlds, spirits and astral space. Some of their magic is reminiscent of the Horrors, and their presence can make people uncomfortable

niall - (t'skrang) - a dome (Foundation) within a village, composed of about 50 t'skrang and led by a lahala

obsidiman - (1%) Have a tough, stone-like skin. Are sexless although they often choose to affiliate with one gender. Stand over seven feet tall and weigh 900 lbs. Can live 900 years although much of this time will be spent within their Liferock.

orichalcum -

ork - (20%) Ruled by their passions. They are muscular and tusked. Stand six feet tall and live 40 years. Most ork tribes are nomadic, living in tents.

outcast warrior - troll Discipline -

Passions -

pattern - An amount of ordered magical energy associated with a person, place or thing. Every person, place and thing has an associated pattern. Patterns are static unless influenced by magic.

pattern item - Namegivers and Places that possess a True Pattern may become associated with objects that have linked to that pattern (either by proximity or significance). Possession of a pattern item can give insight and/or power over the person or place.

pattern knowledge - A True Pattern contains information about the history and interactions with magic by a person, place or thing. This Pattern Knowledge is composed of the name, history and the manner in which the pattern affects or is affected by magic.

purifier - obsidiman Discipline -

questor -

raw magic - Casting a spell without the use of a spell matrix to filter any corrupting influences from astral space. May lead to warping damage and also sends out a big "I am here!" message to any nearby Horrors.

re-Name -

rock brother -

sacrifice magic - A powerful dying act, curse, oath or legacy. The character channels their life energy into a single magical force.

Scourge the period of time (about 400 years long) when the amount of magic in the world increased, and the Horrors were able to breach astral space and wreak destruction

scorcher -

scout - Discipline - master trackers, mapmakers and explorers

shivalahala - (t'skrang) matriarchal leader of one of the t'skrang Great Houses (aropagoi)

skill accomplishing tasks through mundane means

sky raider - Discipline - pirates and raiders, masters of rapid and forceful strikes

spell -

spell matrix -

stajian - a large steady-footed animal resembling a musk ox, sometimes trained as a mount

swordmaster - Discipline - master duellists ready with a blade or a quip

taint -

talent the ability of adepts to draw magical energy from astral space to the physical world. A sky raider uses his Great Leap talent to perform impressive athletic feats.

Thera -

Theran Empire-

thief - Discipline - masters at getting into prohibited spaces and redistribution of wealth

thread - The magical energy that flows through the world is separated into strands. These threads can be woven into a spell, or attached to a magical item or connected to an adept's abilities. Energy can then be fed into the pattern.

thread item - A "magic item." In order to make use of a magical treasure, an adept must research to learn the Key Knowledges for the Pattern Item. Once the item's pattern is understood, a thread may be woven to the object, activating its abilities.

thread magic - Complex spells require threads, and adepts must attached threads to activate magical items (with the understanding of their Pattern Knowledge).

thread sight - A limited form of astral perception, used for the purpose of weaving threads.

thread weaving - the ability of adepts to manipulate the magical energies of astral space

Throal -

thundra beast - a large barrel-shaped, stocky riding beast with a tough hide and horn similar to that of a rhinoceros in the centre of its forehead

travelled scholar - dwarf Discipline -

troajin - a tiger-like creature often taken by beastmasters as a companion, and sometimes trained and ridden

troll - (12%) Possess a strong sense of honour and curling horns. Stand over eight feet tall and weigh 500 lbs. They live to about 55 years. Most live in mountain clans, and are known for their airships, crystal items and raiding parties.

troubadour - Discipline - storytellers and historians, they entertain and educate the people

True Elements (Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Wood)

True Pattern - A pattern that is associated with a unique person, place or thing. Typically more complex than an ordinary pattern and the subject in question must be Named. Studying a True Pattern can give insights into and the ability to aid or hinder the subject of the pattern.

t'skrang - (10%) Swashbuckling lizards with headcrests and tails. Stand a little under six feet tall with another six feet of tail. Live about 80 years. Prefer to live on, beside or under the Serpent River.

warping - Damage caused by the casting of raw magic in a region of corrupted astral space.

warrior - Discipline - masters at hitting things with things

weaponsmith - Discipline - masters of the forge, they evaluate and create artifacts of legend

wind-dancer - windling Discipline -

windling - (1%) Curious and flighty. Their colouring changes to match their home environment. They are winged, stand 18 inches tall and can live to 150. Prefer to live outdoors in natural hollows.

wind master - windling Discipline -

wind scout - windling Discipline -

wizard - magician Discipline - focused on the theory of magic itself

woodsman - elf Discipline -

zoak - a large bird with leathery wings and a long neck, sometimes ridden by windlings

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