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Star Wars Saga Edition Books

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You know, it's interesting. I got the Saga Edition Core Rulebook on order and was looking at Starships of the Galaxy and Knights of the Old Republic and they're sold out everywhere. Wherever I look and find them new(Amazon, etc)They are over 80 dollars. Vultures? Now, perhaps I can find them in-store, but still, I like to shop online and its just annoying when 'rare' items such as these(They have no right being this hard to get)start costing so much.

Blah. Screw im' anyways. Just gonna wait for them to get back into stock at normal prices. Yeeech.

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Updated 12-25-2009 at 02:02 AM by TaiRei

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  1. TAROT's Avatar
    I don't know about these books in particular, but I have noticed that whenever Amazon lists an item as "Out of Stock" or "Temporarily Unavailable" that there are always a number of vendors who instantly jack up their price by about a factor of five.

    This happens even when a book misses its scheduled release date and has not even been printed yet.