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GoddessGood: The Ramblings

Border War Campaign Part 6

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This week we had a new player join us. His character was a young, female Zenith named Luchea. Gaias' player also returned this week from a brief hiatus. As a side note, it was discovered earlier by the players that the nation they are in is a spiritual one and that they have a taboo against using metal. Their economy is a barter system, their society an agrarian one. Also, at one point in the narrative Luchea uses several Charms (magical powers) to boost her persuasiveness and to withstand severe damage unscathed.

Our sixth game began with catching Gaias and Luchea up with the rest of the group.

Continuing his search for the man in black, Gaias went into the forest west of Three Oaks. He discovered a trail of footprints and followed them to where they disappeared. There Rami, a musician and merchant the party met at the Red Blossom tea house, told him the tracks were his and, after some conversation, led Gaias to the great tree. The two inspected the area and headed back to Three Oaks.

While traveling to Three Oaks under mysterious circumstances, Luchea encountered Gaias' dog, Aesis, who stole her dinner (in the form of a dead duck). A fight ensued in which Luchea drew and was knocked out by her own Orichalcum Dire Lance. She awoke in the Red Blossom tea house with all her gear but no weapons. She spoke with the tea house Mistress Ara and learned that she had slept a full day, and that her expenses had been paid for. She cleaned up and went shopping to replace her throwing knives that had been stolen. Finding no metal blades, she purchased two skinning knives of flint from a vendor, telling him she had been beaten and robbed on the road by the toll collectors to gain sympathy.

Luchea then began to proselytize in the market about the Unconquered Sun and the greatness of the First Age in comparison to the current times.

On this same morning, Nine and Wataru visited the temple of the city god. In the middle of Nine's meditations, the pair noticed the acolytes of the temple in distress about a woman preaching in the streets and went to investigate. At the same time, Gaias was awoken by a hungry Aesis. He told Aesis to go hunt for breakfast and noticed the crowd gathering around Luchea. All three remained at a distance, listening to Luchea shout down the priests of the city god. At some point Luchea lighted her caste mark and revealed her nature as a Solar Anathema.

Wataru interrupted Luchea and commanded her to prove the worth of her actions. Luchea challenged Wataru to attack her and insisted that the Unconquered Sun would protect her. Wataru refused, and Luchea instead stabbed herself and was unharmed. She commanded the people to continue their daily lives in the name of the Unconquered Sun and wait for further spiritual instruction. She then retired to a villager's house to rest and regain the essence she had spent.

Gaias, Nine and Wataru decided to consult with the town council on what next to do about Luchea. They found the council hall in an uproar and, after helping the Council regain control, suggested that the council approach Luchea and discern her goals.

Elsewhere, Luchea commanded her followers to find her Artifact Dire Lance that was stolen from her, saying that a large black dog (Aesis) took it and that they should not kill it but just "bash it in the head."

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Updated 02-23-2009 at 11:02 AM by GoddessGood

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