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English for RPGs Part 13

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buck (adv) completely
butt (n) the end of something (esp. the thicker end)

To say someone is stark naked, the expression is buck naked. (Though I'm not sure for how much longer.)


die (v) to cease to live: died, dying
dye (v) to change the colour of: dyed, dyeing

Before you die, do you have any last words?
I was so embarrassed, I could have died.
The weavers were planning to dye the cloth a vibrant yellow.
She was wearing a tie-dyed t-shirt.


disassemble (v) to take apart
dissemble (v) to mislead, to conceal the truth

The temple was being disassembled, brick by brick.
When asked about the broken lamp, the little boy began to dissemble.


eminent (adj) of high rank, esteemed, prominent
immanent (adj) inherent, remaining within; of the mind with no influence on the world
imminent (adj) impending, about to happen

I would like to thank the members of this eminent assembly for the opportunity to speak today. When the airport was being expanded, the government invoked eminent domain to acquire the property.
He held belief in an immanent God.
With the marauding army imminent, the order to destroy the bridges was sent.


not (adv) [expresses negation]
nought (n) nothing: (adj) ruined, lost: naught

This is not a good idea!
All of our efforts have come to nought.
Nought but dust remains.


palate (n) the roof of the mouth, sense of taste
palette (n) a board used to mix paint
pallet (n) a bed, platform, a palette
He prided himself on his refined palate. She clicked her tongue against her hard palate.
The artist was meticulously blending her colours on her palette.
There is a pallet up in the loft that you can use. Get those pallets on the truck!


perform (v) to do, carry out, to entertain: performed, performing
preform (v) to shape in advance: preformed, preforming

In a misguided attempt to improve morale, the general brought in a siren to perform for the troops.
Try not preform any opinions before you've heard any evidence.


rappel (v) to descend by rope
repel (v) to push away, resist

The elven commandos will ascend the mountain, rappel into the fortress and secure the gatehouse. They will repel any and all assaults until they are relieved.


statue (n) a three-dimensional artwork
statute (n) a law

The courtyard was scattered with marble statues.
He was free to openly spend the money, now that the statute of limitations had expired.


tack (n) heading of a sailing vessel, a course of action
tact (n) diplomacy, poise
tactic (n) a plan or procedure

This isn't working. Let's take a different tack. (try another tack)
One must approach a dragon with great tact and careful etiquette as they are quick to take offence at the merest slight.
When the enemy cavalry crested the hill, it was time for a change in tactics.


tail (n) hindmost part of an animal, bottom, rear
tale (n) a story, rumour

They held a contest to see who could tell the tallest tale.
The little dog began to wag its tail.


waive (v) to forgo, relinquish or set aside
wave (v) a swell or surge (as of a liquid), a fluttering sign or signal (with hand, flag etc.)

Let's waive the formalities and get this thing underway.
The guard waved them through the checkpoint.


ye (pronoun) you: (article) the
yea (adv) yes: (n) a yes, one who votes yes

Oh ye of little faith.
The sign over the door said, Ye Olde Time Ice Cream Shoppe.
What's your answer, yea or nay?
The yeas have it.

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