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So I'm glad I found P&P it certainly appears to be a very good gaming resource/forum. I dunno what took me so long to look for sites like this... I was sitting at home today thinking to myself "damn I'm bored I wanna try and get a PBEM going or something to have more inspiration for my world-building..." That's what finally got me looking.

I have been looking on other random RPG sites and community sites since yesterday. So far I've got one person possibly interested?

I didn't realize until today how old-school posting up notes in the comic shops seems to be lol. Everyone is on the internets... Even so I think the number of table-top gamers is less then it used to be. I blame those damn MMO's

On another note... that Game-Table Utility I found is very cool. However I dunno if my satellite-internet can support that kinda thing? Jeff and I tried for a while to join a table together and it didn't want to recognize the connection... lame.

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