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Short Review - Pathfinder - DM Screen

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Pathfinder Review - DM Screen

Hello, Everyone. It's time for another review. This one will be very quick. It's the new DM screen from Paizo.

It's generally pretty rare that I am ever surprised when I get a new accessory for my hobbies but this is one of those rare occassions where I am pleasantly surprised. This new DM screen is of the highest quality that I have ever seen and is easily superior to any screen that I have ever owned for any gaming system.

This new screen is made what looks like 2 sets of hard book covers (4 pages) similar to what you see and feel when you pick up the main Pathfinder book. All of the pictures of characters are on the front (Lini, Seoni, etc).

On the first page (extrreme left if you are the DM) is where the skill check charts begin and continue on to page 2 (middle left) in alphabetic order. They are very well organized and they use the same fonts, graphics & typeface that you normally see coming out of Paizo's graphic department. The rules are straightforward and very concise. Examples: High jump, long jump.

On Page 3 (middle right) - is where the rules for combat maneuvers are as well as the rules for conditions (blinded, exhausted, staggered, etc). There are also the main combat rules that cover things like (cover, concealment, etc).

On Page 4 (extreme right) give hardness & hit points for weapons, armor, doors, walls etc. There are also 2 charts, 1 for XP based on Challenge rating and the other chart is Gold reward based on Challenge rating.

I think the old screens from 1st or 2nd edition used to have a list for basic equipment plus weapons & armor but I guess you can't have everything and there's no room for all of that without sacrificing other charts. Besides this screen is designed for roleplay and combat not Monty hall-ism for people looking to buy or hawk their wares.

I'd have to say that I can find little to nothing wrong with this DM screen. It's a little pricey at $15.00 but you get what you pay for and there is every reason to believe that with even minor care this new screen should last you several years and possibly beyond. The old screens used to cost $10 and this is a way better deal for longevity sake.


Built from ultra-thick Book covers.
Skill charts organized alphabetically.
Nearly everything you could ask for
to do combat & combat maneuvers.
Thickness & HP for weapons, armor, walls, etc.
XP chart & gold reward chart for monsters.

Cons: none

Final Score: 10/10 - If you are a DM, this is a must have.

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