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adventurer commandments

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This is written for the benefit of all dungeon style adventurers. It is somewhat tongue in cheek and old school in style but should be of benefit to dungeoners. Please feel free to add to the list.
Commandments for adventurers
1. You shall minimize losses by only keeping your distance from an unopened chest or door till the rogue is done.
2. You shall move to the side of the rogue after he is successful to ensure that he doesn’t get the best part of the treasure,
3. you shall have the either the heaviest armor or nimblest of the characters in front of the party in a dungeon to either set off the trap or find it before it goes off.
4. You shall protect the major source of healing because of he falls you will probably fall.
5. You shall make sure that the group has sufficient amount of materials to cover most problems. A lack of rope could be fatal.
6. You shall make marching order within the narrow confines of a dungeon.
7. You shall not split the party for two reasons, one is to weaken the party, and two is keep the gms sanity intact.
8. You shall think about what you will do before it is your turn. This will save time in the combat.
9. On division of loot, a good plan is to create an extra share so if there are emergencies in the future there are funds available.
10. It is important to make sure you trust the person whom you give the extra share to hold.
11. On division of magic, it is good to give the proper items to the proper people to ensure group survival.

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