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Brandon Drowning in Dice

World of Wu-Yu

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The World of Wu-Yu

Civil war and social upheaval have left communities starving, dispossessed, and lost. Many have been forced into wandering, doing odd-jobs in order to fill their bellies. The challenges of the day include not only merciless lords and unscrupulous brigands, but also hunger and disease. At the same time, it is also an age of opportunity, when resourceful spirits can rise from the ashes, and the bravery of a few can change the course of history for better or for worse.

The game is run with RuneQuest, a game system with realistic rules where skills are important and combat is lethal. Standard rules have been modified to include survival challenges including hunger, malnutrition, disease, and exposure to the elements. Players can expect to role-play their way through most situations, leaving combat for a last resort. Adventures will be less to score treasure and more to earn food to fill the belly.

A work-in-progress presentation of the campaign setting is available at Obsidian Portal:

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