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The Curmudgeon's Lair

For King and Country: Session 2, part 2

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29th day of Ches
We did not travel far today. Though it is spring there is still a cold chill in the air this far north. No sooner did we set off this morning than it began to pour freezing rain. We were quickly soaked and shivering but pressed on down the muddy slippery half frozen trail that passes for a road in these parts. Sometime shortly after noon we discovered a band of fellow travelers camped on the the north side of the road in the protective confines of a large rockshelter. We warmed ourselves by their fire and they invited us to join them in their camp until such time as the weather improved. We gladly accepted their offer of warmth, companionship and dry clothing.

30th day of Ches
The weather has not improved, in fact it has worsened and we are glad that we took shelter when we did. Overnight the temperature dropped and the freezing rain has turned into a full on ice storm. A thick layer of ice now coats the ground and trees outside our shelter and the sound of snapping and cracking branches and falling of trees is now a constant occurrence. In a conversation with Vorgrim this morning, he mentioned that he was still in possession of the letter carried by the Netherese agents. Since I had not read it before, I took the letter and found a comfortable spot near the back of the shelter to read and smoke the last of my tobacco. After reading the letter, I now fear that we are in grave danger. I now realize that while I am no expert in the Netherese language, I am far more familiar with it than my commrads. They have translated the name "Ulmirganth" as "slayer king". While this is not precisely wrong, it is a poor translation. They are not familiar with the fact that the Netherse transpose action and noun when they speak and writing, to be sure, it is an odd habit of a vile language. "Ulmirganth", would be in any other tongue "Ganthulmir" or "Slayer of Kings". The weapon they seek to rejoin, is that of an ancient and vile assassin who once murdered the rightful king of Cormyr. I fear they seek to do the same once more. I have written a letter to my father warning him of the Netherese plot so that he may take action and warn the king. I will dispatch the letter by Currier as soon as we reach Luskan. As for me, I will continue on with my current course of action and insure that the Netherese do not obtain any further fragments of the sword. I am tempted to ask Vorgrim for the hilt of the sword, so that I may cast it into the ocean as we sail from Luskan to Candlekeep, but I'm afraid that we may not even reach Luskan before we are set upon by Netherese assassins.

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Updated 04-06-2009 at 05:11 PM by kirksmithicus

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  1. Etarnon's Avatar
    Nice imagery. Reminds me of Thailand.