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Independant Gamer Perspective

Swine Flu Blues

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Yep, i caught it. Missed 1.5 weeks worth of work. I cannot wait to return and get some stability back in life. I did make the entire run of Lost seasons 1-4 - WOW. That sure made a lot more sense watching them back to back instead of missing episodes, trying to download and catch up, and skipping some. I am now convinced its great television. Not seen any of season 5 yet - but i wont until i can watch the whole thing back to back.

Fevers really suck. If anyone doubts vaccines, get your head checked. Stop listening to fear and those who use pseudo science. I would have got it but i got sick before i could. 102 degrees is nothing to look forward to. I feel wiped out still, but gotta go back to work - plus, i do miss the accomplishment and work i do there.

My brother's tried to cut me out of my father's inheritance, i love family squabbles. Where were they the last 8 years as my dad slowly died of dementia - did they care for him? Nope... I'm not bragging, its an awful thing to go through and no one should... but really, trying to cut me out just because they are greedy? Thats pretty low.

Well, thats it for now. I published my 2.0 version of my game game system, Incarna. Thats the mechanics, now i've got items to finish, spells, rituals, and a few minor tweaks to complete the 2.x cycle in full.... this is the first version i felt actually was stable enough to make products based on.

I'm back in the saddle again....

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