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Eberron Campaign: Letter to Black Tie

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998-999 YK, 2nd Zor of Aryth.
Krona Peak, Mror Holds

Greetings Blackest Tye,

I believe I have discovered the whereabouts of a map that will lead us to your enslaved family. This map leads to a lost city hidden deep below the Gondora Gap. This city is from the Age of Demons and will be very dangerous to reach.
We will need many guards and soldiers to accompany us. If you have any friends that would agree to accompany us that would be ideal. Take heart, in the fact that I have secured the services of the illustrious Moltar to be our healer on our journey. You may have heard of him in Aundair- but perhaps not.
As for funding, I will use my family fortune and even borrow monies to fund this expedition - as I owe you for not only saving my life but the lives of my entire family.Dragondung! You are a hero! A hero who has lost his family. With my monies we will be able to save your family and maybe your people!
Come quickly!

Your friend,

Baron Morrikan d’Kundarak

Post Script – A friend of yours by the name of ‘Heir’ has requested I send you his regards. As we are looking for allies and adventurers – I suggest you look him up. He is currently in service to High King Vadallia.

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  1. cigamnogard's Avatar
    Black has:
    Boots of Striding and Springing = 5,500gp
    +2 Vest of Resistance = 9,000gp
    + 1 Large Axiomatic (+2) Ghost Touch (+1) Great sword = 32,050gp
    MW Wooden Shield = 157gp
    Mithral breastplate = 4,200
    Waterskin = 1gp
    Trail Rations = 1gp
    50,909gp total

    *note starting 10 level gold is 49,000