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Feinting in 4e D&D

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I just noticed this today.

excerpt from the D&D PHB

Bluff vs. Insight
Gain combat advantage: once per combat encounter, you try to gain combat advantage against an adjacent enemy by feinting. As a standard action, make a Bluff check opposed by the enemy's passive Insight Check. If you succeed, you gain combat advantage against the enemy until the end of you next turn.

Give up an entire attack to get a lousy +2 bonus to hit? Not likely, especially in any game using a d20 to hit. It's just to much of gamble. The safer bet would be to attack twice and hope you hit at least once, maybe even twice. I bet this almost never gets used, ever!. Combat is all about choices, and they made this really easy.

If I were to house rule this, and I might, I would make the feint a move action. A minor action just not pricey enough but a move action would make you agonize a bit over the tactical choice. "should I move and try outflank him, while at the same time getting myself flanked, or try the feint and then sucker punch him".

Also, why is this an encounter power, you should be able to feint all freakin' day long.... I mean it should be an At-Will power.

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  1. kirksmithicus's Avatar
    Fainting should be an At-Will as well.
  2. yukonhorror's Avatar
    For the normal schmo, probably not worth it. For a rogue who gets sneak atk dam, but can't gain combat advantage in a normal fashion, it might be worth it.

    Also, it might be worth if you plan on using a super powerful daily power and want to make sure it works.

    As for 1/enc, I think it is because you can only fool someone once. I see it as a sucker punch.

    Finally, I think this is an artifact of the 3.5e rules. I don't know if it was 1/enc, but it definitely took a standard action to pull off, unless you took improved feint as a feat. Improved feint let you feint as either a move or minor action (can't remember which).