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The DM Adventure Continues

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I have no class today, whoo! Oh wait, that means I have no excuse to not get work done...

Anway, my second time as DM was brief and scatterbrained as my players were anxious and in a hurry. The party, this time just rochester, the Halfing Rogue, and Ellwick, the Sorceress Gnome, fought off the gnolls and barely escaped the desruction of a military outpost.

Upon returning to the wagon train they were to protect, now with the needed horses, they made a startling discovery; the wagons had been attacked by orcs and repelled by Roruk, that dwarf fighter I brought to defend the squishies. The gnolls and orcs also had notes from the Emporer of Waruk, so it seems that the orcs, goblins, and gnolls are fightig for his side in the coming war. I'll define the backstory later, none of the players read tis board anyway.

Short story short, they got the wagons to their destination, made a treaty between some kobolds and a dwarven city that was basically London under toxic fog and smoke, belching gasses from refineries and forges like Pittsburgh in it's heyday, and the sorceress, who didn't take a familair at first, managed to snag a baby Green Dragon.

Now, a couple things about this: one, my dragons are a lot weaker than the standard DnD dragon. There a cross between the ones from Dragonheart and Reign of Fire. There smart, they can talk, and they can fry you faster than a KFC pressure cooker. Although Green Dragons use acid, you get my point

Second, the dragon is actually the runt of its clutch, and escaped its siblings because they were trying to eat it. Third, Momma is gonna find the baby with the group, and there going to have to roleplay themselves out of being eaten, keeping the baby, and, well, not being eaten, this is an evil dragon after all.

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