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I Call Her Viera

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Vee-Era is how you pronounce that. Through perserverence and carpooling, my weekly game is back.

We travelled on a Dwarven battleship to a bay after fighting and killing a sea dragon adult. We then arrived on the beaches near a city enslaved by reptilian humanoids. Boleel, the bronscale in our group, used coercion to gather information, and we made our way to one of two watch towers overlooking the sea, both of which held high level casters that sent fireballs at enemy ships, including ours, which sunk.

We easily incapacitated the defenders of the tower, and I managed to knock out a 16th level caster through a combination of Divine Sacrifice and my bastard sword, which I call Viera-I wanted to call her Vera, but my DM said no cuz it reminded him of the loss of Firefly.

With one tower down we are preparing to take out the second tower, after killing the dwellers of the first tower, which when unconsius from poison-Boleel is a Rogue- were stuffed in a Bag of Holding or two.

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