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Mouse Guard

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The Hazel Shire is a safe place for Mousekind, or a relatively safe place, where civilized mice live, work, & enjoy what limited free time they have when they’re not busy harvesting grain, collecting acorns, or plying their tradescraft.

The Mice in Mouse Guard are about the same size & shape of mice in our own world, and they live in a place much like our own world. Theirs is a place populated by snakes, birds, and bears, not unlike the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The difference between their world & ours is a matter of perspective & imagination. Theirs is a place where mice are brave & even think a bit like humans, but they’re still mice. They have their own language, cultural identities, even limited technology which allows them to build homes, weave fabric, blow glass, & fashion metal tools. And they have a code of law, enforced by the Mouse Guard, to regulate a standard of behavior & relations among the mice of the Shire.

Beyond the borders of the Shire, however, is a strange & dangerous world. A world where weasels arm themselves with swords & spears, coming out of their warrens to raid mice settlements in the Shire. But the Mouse Guard stands before the threats & dangers of the world beyond & protects life as the mice know it.

This setting is the place where we play our version of Mouse Guard, the roleplaying game. Each player creates a mouse character & plays that character much like an actor in a play. But acting skills are not required to play; this is, after all, a game, and it’s supposed to be fun. Players come together to tell a story, a fiction about these imaginary mice, and the play revolves around storytelling elements with some dice rolled.

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