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GoddessGood: The Ramblings

Border War Campaign

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I've been running this campaign for a few months now. Unfortunately I didn't begin writing summaries until the 5th session. Prior to this, the characters of Wataru, Nine Willows in Autumn and Gaias Valerias arrived somewhat separately in the city of Three Oaks. Wataru is a Night Caste, Nine a Twilight Caste and Gaias is a Dawn. Nine hired Wataru to act as a body guard after being accosted by "toll-takers" and is in town operating as a scholar and physician. Gaias came in search of a man in black who destroyed his village and killed his family. Gaias doesn't make much of an appearance in this one because his player missed this session.

Our fifth game began the morning after Nine and Wataru's shopping trip. Nine and Wataru arrived at the Red Blossom tea house, and Wataru made a point to scan the room for strategic entrances and exits.

Nine received her first patron: an eight year old boy accompanied by his older brother, Matti, who explained that his brother had been attacked by his own shadow. Wataru distracted Matti for about half an hour while Nine healed his brother.

Matti lead Nine and Wataru to the field where the attack occured. After some investigation, Matti's father asked them to leave. Feeling the attack on the boy was spiritual in nature, Nine consulted the priests at the city temple who discerned the attack was caused by the ghost of a mad dog who died in the field.

Later that evening Senmai, Nine's attendant, was attacked by a stranger in front of the tea house. Wataru and Nine tracked the stranger into the forest to the northwest of Three Oaks but lost the trail. Wataru decided to lead Nine to the Great Tree outside of town, but the two were blocked by Gaias' dog, Aesis, and returned to Three Oaks by nightfall.

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Updated 02-23-2009 at 11:02 AM by GoddessGood

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