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Programming and Gaming

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I'm a programmer from way back. Heck, it was because of gaming that I started learning how to program back in 1979 or so.

At the time, I was running AD&D three times a week. I had a 2'x3' sheet of stiff cardboard with a quarter inch grid. I covered the board and taped down three sides so I could slide the grid paper out if needed. As a graphics artist, I used some rub-on letters and numbers to create a header, drew some lines and used a grease pencil to keep track. I also had a light grid on the left for torches which left me with a big spot to keep rough notes.

I learned programming to convert the light portion over to my Sinclair. It was a simple menu of common tables (the Potion Miscibility table was the best though ). Hitting Enter would advance the counter for light and I could let the party know that torches were going out.

That program was changed quite a bit as I went from the Sinclair to the Color Computer then to the IBM PC. Same with programming. I've moved it from the Tokenized Sinclair Basic to CoCo basic then to IBM Basic. From there I tried MegaBasic and then to C.

About the time of Windows 3.1, which defeated my efforts to learn how to program in that environment, I also started bailing on gaming, at least table top.

Lately I've been working on a similar tool and using my old program as an idea platform to create a similar Shadowrun program. This time in Javascript, again in an effort to learn how to program in it.

Javascript makes the program a bit more portable since all you need is a browser. There are certainly some hurdles in getting the program working as I envision it but it's all fun and really does help me learn new stuff.

It's been about a month since I started working on this based on my first attempts. It's getting to the point where I've overcome the really hard stuff and now it's just some simple programming and data entry to get done.

I'm a professional Unix Admin but you know, I really do like programming.


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