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Gearing up

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Strauss pulled his headband tight. The thick scar underneath throbbed, but that usually ended quickly. Hunched over his cot in his garrison quarters, the captain buckled his boots and collected his daggers. A day had passed since the falconry school brats and Manfred's gang had left the constable's watchful eye, and neither party had returned. Which meant that captain Strauss would have to lead a posse into the country and find out what happened.

He had some respect for Asher and the priests, but he knew that there would be vengeance if the aristocrats had been killed. So he hoped for the aristocrats' safety. After all, winter was coming, and there had been more and more sightings of evil creatures in the village: vampires and wolves. So Strauss was not in a mood to deal with angry nobles.

Outside now, the captain briefed his posse, mentioning the need for safety - since the potential for murderous deeds was afoot. They agreed to the objective of capturing first and asking questions later. Then the leaders mounted their horses, dressed in full chainmail and bearing the crest of the village - a falcon in red and blue. The search for missing persons would be cold, but not fruitless.

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