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And so it begins

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Well it looks like I have fianlly been able to get a group put together. I just hope that everyone will be able to somewhat get along and enjoy the story. I'm really going to be trying new things here I want a RP heavy game this time but I also want them to feel like they are progressing forward into the storyline at a realitivly easy pace.

I have never played as a GM with any of these people so its going to be interesting on that point also. I dont know there tricks and treats and they dont know mine either. I think it will be fun but I dont want to piss anyone off either. I might have to temper some of my tell tale signs that I know with more "OMG watch out signs" untill they get my idea of subelty and crule sence of GM humor. Guess that means no killing anyone off in the first game sit down lol j/k I dont do that unless they really piss me off.

Rot Grubs FTW!!!!

On a serious note i have really been wanting to run this campaign after the last group fell apart in the middle i feel like there is something that has not reached clouser. I know that its only a game but i miss it alot. I miss the GM'ing part as well as the playing part. I have still yet to find anyone who is interested in being a GM with me in the group. I know my schedual sucks for game planning but somewhere out there someone has to be interested in it.

Oh well i know its going to be fun anyways. I havent had a chance to try anything new with anyone so here is the big chance. After almost 10 years wiht the same game group its good for a change. I miss them but at the same time not. I miss there friendship not the playing as much.

I have the new world all maped out and the cities are in the process of being created also. I went a little over happy on the cities i think. It's a small world an i forgot to make it feel small instead of a busling trade happy people. Might need to hit it with the eraser a little. I think that I will also need to have a sit down with them about house rules. I would like to use all my old rules and a few that I have thought up but with new players its might be easier to stick to the rule book for now.

I'll let you know how it all turns out though game group Sunday from 4:30pm-10:30pm. Wish me luck

a.k.a. Mystluna

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