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The Empire Expands...and Metagame stuff

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The horns blared. In the village, warriors grabbed spears, bows, and axes, and ran to the outer defenses. The she-giants bundled up their goods, wrapped babies in slings, and started filling containers with water; the coming humans were known to cast fire-arrows. The clan and tribe shamans said prayers and cast spells of blessing. And the chief...he knew it would be the tribe's last stand. He painted himself for war, blessed his son, his heir, and donned the sacred mantle. Stepping out of his hut, he siezed the royal spear, and cursed the heavy clouds that slowly filled the sky.

"The giants will soon be gone," thought he. "If the Mage comes, it is too late."

Then he promised safety to the villagers, and strode out to his last stand.

Wednesday (today) is a good day for the players (and DM) to confirm their ability to attend or host on the weekend. If by Thursday we don't have a venue or enough players, you can consider the week's game cancelled. This will hopefully prevent wasted Saturday mornings. It also requires you to stop in, early in the week, and read game updates, and let us know what you're doing.
I don't want to be too rigid about this - if some hardcore players want to throw something together on Thursday or Friday, I'll see what I can do.

Weapon breakage! Everyone's favorite topic. Here's how I'd like to do it; feel free to weigh in. Weapons take a point of damage for each day of battle they see, I'll record that for you. When they're out of hit points, an attack roll of 1 will break it, as could other special circumstances.

To prevent weapon loss, PCs should:
1) have backup weapons available
2) get enchanted weapons (with 10 extra hit points per +1 bonus)
3) use the mending spell to replace a hit point, or the make whole spell to restore all hit points.

Note that Make Whole is only listed as a cleric spell - no reason why another caster couldn't use it too. Repairing objects hardly requires divine healing magic. Just check with me on the spell level.

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Updated 10-14-2009 at 03:04 PM by DMMike

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  1. Shishkobold's Avatar
    I am in but probably shouldn't host. Wife and kids are sick.
  2. scottb's Avatar
    As mentioned, I'm out, but will enjoy hearing all the updates next week!
  3. scottb's Avatar
    Hey - my change of plans had a change of plans, so I'm down for a game this Saturday! Not only that, but I can host as well. I'll send around an e-mail with my address and whatever (assuming that we may be on).

    I meant to say that this seems like a good compromise Mike. It feels like the problem isn't that we can't make games every week (as everyone is entitled to an occasional real-life interruption) but rather that we keep tacitly committing to play and then falling through on our promises. It's a shame to have to wait until Friday night each week to find out whose house we're attending, if any.

    Looking forward to it!
  4. DMMike's Avatar
    Well, I have an FNG interested, but I'd like to see one more regular chime in before I overturn the Wednesday rule and say we have a game this week.

  5. DMMike's Avatar game this week. But recruiting continues, and I'll meet whoever's interested in some Three Dragon Ante and new player meeting at Cartel Coffee at 11AM Saturday morning. I'll be in the very back or very front, with some poker chips (gold coins) on the table.
  6. scottb's Avatar
    Thanks Mike. Here's to next week, hopefully.