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Enter Alcolyte Splurg, newest convert to Oghma!!

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It has been an interesting time with this group and this week have had no problems maintaining that. After the epic battle with the ooze, the party decides to take much needed rest. After that and a rather intensive search of the area they players found for themselves a good 'ol fashioned goblin torture chamber. The goblin torturer wasn't all that tough but the real fun in this area came from the adjoining corridor. It seems the party has found a goblin captive who goes by the name of Splurg. Splurge claimed to have been imprisoned because he was plotting to take over the clan from Balgron the Fat. At some point in this process he was captured, tortured, and thrown in jail. The party cleric of Oghma has taken on the task of converting and dealing with this particular goblin and so far things seem to be well. Officially a new conscript to the faith, Splurg will provide as much information about this dungeon as he can and will hand out pamphlets for Oghma’s faith when in town. Will he have other duties? Only time will tell, time and the patience of the party ranger. He does like murdering those of the goblin persuasion.
After clearing out the neater sections of the keep basement the party moved into some sort of catacomb. Moments after entering the area the party encountered a modest zombie group. Not so hard at first but by the third round another group came up from behind, attacking the party casters.
The culmination of this fight resulted in the end of the session but not our adventurers. What awaits in the dark recesses of the Keep on Shadowfell? Things are just getting interesting.
The game got cut a bit short with a fairly in depth Fallout 3 discussion before we begain. Good times.

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  1. cplmac's Avatar
    Very interesting read. I look forward to the next game session installment. It is nice to get to read other groups campaign progress. Best part is not having to buy books to follow the story.