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Meet up and stuff...

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I attended my first meet up yesterday and it was really fun. We met at Ghiradeli's and had ice cream. Then we played Magic. Then we went and had pizza at Pizza Rustico. Then we played Magic. Then we went to one of the guys apartment and had sods. Then we played Magic.

LOL, I did not even wind up getting home until almost 3:30 in the morning!

We talked about the nature of deities in Forgotten Realms. We covered AO, Nurgull, Bane, Cyric, Mystra. We had a fascinating discussion of Elminster.

It was good. Although he was not a member of the Miami Gaming Authority (yet) Lookoo was there too.

We exchanged many many words about our Monday night game. It seems that there are two different core philosophies at work in the group.

Camp 1: Let's play fantastically loose with the rule, and everyone is royalty. The most intensely fantasy character you can dream up (ie the Gods fight over you and that sort of thing).

Camp 2: Let's play a team-based game wherein the characters are working together and accomplishing things greater than any one could do alone.

Now at first glance these two philosophical camps might not seem mutually exclusive, but they are. To quote the oft repeated phrase, Here's the rub:

Camp 1 is very interested in individual glory. Camp 2 is very interested in group glory.

So how is this problem being resolved? Camp 2 is working hard on getting Camp 1 players to play like camp2 players. If they are not going to switch gaming styles to Camp 2's way of playing, then Camp 2 is going to vote to boot players from camp 1.

Now to me, the best resolution for this problem would be to "spin off" into two seperate groups. What are your thoughts?

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  1. Lookoo's Avatar
    Bah! I would have enjoyed hearing people's thoughts.

    If anyone was wondering, Camp 2 pressed Camp 1 so hard, most of Camp 1 quit. Camp 2 is in the process of getting the remaining Camp 1 members to work together.

    Spin off groups are a great idea when someone else is willing to DM them. One of the problems with finding a DM in this case is that any DM would want to make the story about them - it's the individual glory thing - or want to see the group succeed and therefore stay where they are.
  2. Skunkape's Avatar
    Sorry, would have posted something on your about question but didn't read it till today.

    I would say that both schools of thought could work together in one group, it's just that the both camps would have to share time during each game. But camp 2 would end up getting the biggest reward.

    How would this be done you ask? Well, you create a campaign where all of the players fit the requirement of camp 1, but have to work together which is the requirement of camp 2. Then during each game, you make sure that one or more players from camp 1 have shining moment(s) during the game.

    That way you're making both camps happy because your camp 1 people will get to shine and your camp 2 people will have the whole group working together toward a major goal.

    The camp 1 people might have a problem with not being able to shine all of the time, but if you've got more than 1 camp 1 person, they'll have to share the lime-light at some point because of the GM having to make sure each of them had their shining moment.