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Independant Gamer Perspective

Munchkin and gaming weekend

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Who hoo! had a blast at the overnight Munchkin and gaming weekend. Was supposed to GM only half time but a 4 hour scenario turned out to be 8 because the players expected me to be my devious self. Felt bad, but no character died.

I even managed to type up about 3 pages of notes for the adventure for future use.

Also me and [wulfdesign] helped to remove all the performance problems on the host's network - configuring modem, router, firewall, dhcp, and a Windows Business Server 2003 machine. Latency went down from 2-8 seconds to zero. The domain security policies were all perfectly applied and we helped get him thinking about a mail server and how that works using his domain parked at Comcast.

Got a lot more feedback on Incarna 2.0 rule set and my head is spinning. I'm having trouble figuring out where the free stuff leaves off and and secured materials begin. I've even thought of abandoning it as a commercial game idea and freeing up everything - but i'm not there yet. The biggest challenge is providing paths forward from a certain point where advancement is slow and character branch out instead of up - i don't wan't to encourage super characters with crazy abilities, but the system needs to encourage whatever innovation needed by users without my drive to make it realistic killing the play.

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