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So This Is Mars...

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I finally got my GURPS game going! Yay!!! I had 5 players show up, none of which had much/any experience with GURPS. However, they are all experienced with D&D. I fugure the five of them have an average of around 7 years playing, so it was not a difficult transition. In fact they all got characters made in about 2 hours (which, if you know GURPS, that is quite a feat).

The game takes lace on a future Mars colony, that has impending doom headed it's way. What will the characters do?

Here is a summary of what happened last night.

After receiving a holonet notice from "Shatner's List", several people met up at South Dome Hangar Alpha to become the crew of the freighter "Lorraine", under the command of Capt. Christine Singular. The would-be crew heard the sounds of someone in pain, and saw scorch marks on the the interior of the craft. A maintenance person was working on an electrical panel near the emergency exit. Another maintenance person was attempting to escape the ship, saying "There's a bomb onboard! Run!!!"

The would-be adventurers became suspicious of the maintenance technicians and shot one of them and crashed the vehicle of the other. Mars security showed up and took the sabatours to the hospital under security escort.

The loot the crew obtained was 2 pairs of night-vision/thermal vision goggles and 1 datapad. Mars Security impounded what was left of the "car".

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