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Much Improved Hero System

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Hero System Fans,

Do you have the Hero System 6th Edition?

I've been reading through the 2 volume set of the latest edition of Hero System, and it really has me psyched about trying out all the new features.

They've made so many changes since my introduction into the 3rd Edition and enough changes from 5th to warrant a 6th edition. These changes include one of the most drastic changes to the system: the removal of derived characteristics, which will irritate many veteran players but ultimately makes more sense for eliminating loopholes and allowing more freedom in character creation. Those "derived" characteristics were changed to regular purchased characteristics.

There were a few almost cosmetic changes that were sorely needed to bring help with what I would call a creative block. For example, in previous editions, a bow and arrow would be "constructed" with the rules by purchasing a base power called an "Energy Blast" that causes physical damage with the special effects, limitations, and advantages to give it all the features and feel of a bow and arrow. The new edition has renamed this to "Blast" to eliminate the confusion of purchasing an "Energy" blast. There are a few other places in 6th edition that they could have made similar changes, but the ones they've made will go a long way to getting beyond the old "Champions" rules set.

Volume 1 was all about character creation and akin to a Player's handbook. Volume 2 was about adventuring, running encounters, genre, environment, and some great advise on tweaking your particular style of play.

I also have high hopes for the future of this gaming system, because Hero has been putting out some stunning material for 5th edition (machines, Traveller, strongholds, bases, etc.) which should be easily usable in 6th with very little if any effort.

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Updated 10-06-2009 at 12:12 PM by ronpyatt



  1. Farcaster's Avatar
    Once you've read through the system more and tried it out, maybe you'd be interested in writing a review for our articles section?
  2. ronpyatt's Avatar
    Yes, I might just do that after I get some play experience. Oh, my - That might be a very long review.