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Tidbits and Karlston

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Asher's contact calls himself Sven. Sven's lead time on getting goods or information suggest that his network is either really slow, or it extends to Karlston, and possibly beyond.
Also, Sven's access to expensive goods seems too extensive for Featherwood's resources (with the exception of falconry school students).

Karlston has a population of about 10,000 people, excluding the surrounding farms. It's run by a noble called Lord Harold, who is rumored to be a strict follower of royal expectations. Despite some displeasure in the presence of imperial soldiers and high taxes, the people are a decent folk. Most are humans, but the greater amount of commerce means larger halfling groups, some civilized giants, and the occasional dwarf or grey elf parties.

Roads abound in Karlston, along with sewage tossed into gutters that add a less-than pleasant aroma to the poorer areas of town. Several markets, inns, and and temples (Heironeous, Pelor, Kord, and Farlanghn) add cultural interest to the town.

Of particular note are the Mill Quarter (water mills on the river, a major production and employment area), Charhill Theatre (near the noble quarter, known for rafters-filling plays), and Father "Miracle" Marcell, who performs marvellous feats of holy grace with the monks of Pelor (usually for the nobility, due to the expensive nature of the rituals).

Karlston has its dark side too. While it is not under curfew like Featherwood, weapon carrying requires registration and an authorized patron. Robberies and burglaries are not uncommon, and most townsfolk enjoy a regular witch/warlock burning (those who are not sanctioned by the lord's house)...

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  1. Shishkobold's Avatar
    UGH!...another one of these towns, great. Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name and they're always glad you came.

    Fair warning: Phaux has been doing some serious reflection as of late and what with being bullied by militia and made to sleep indoors, he's fast becoming even less domesticated than he was. He's currently pondering the plight of the wilderness and the scourge that is "civilization". Of course, unless any of you took ranks in profession: psychology, you just notice an ornery little Gnome that becomes even more so when around town folk...he's also taken to occasionally barking with Ex, at strangers.
  2. scottb's Avatar
    [quote=Shishkobold;bt1470]...he's also taken to occasionally barking with Ex, at strangers.[/quote]

    Hah! That's hilarious.

    So Karlston is run by nobles with a stern hand who are quick to execute casters who get out of line, or those treasonous enough to kill nobility in cold blood. This sounds like a lovely place for the party to be caught.

    For the coming session I'm bringing a spare character. I really don't see how Hubert (or the party) will likely survive much more than a brief and mis-managed flight followed by a speedy trial and a visually entertaining death.
  3. DMMike's Avatar
    Cmon now peeps; what kind of medieval town can you run with people always walking around with lethal weapons, killing the nobility, and causing general chaos? Exactly. Magic, the arcane kind, is even worse: you don't need to carry a weapon to kill people with it, and arcane magic doesn't get rationed/restricted by a deity when you misbehave with it.

    Perhaps you'd like to ignore the murder of your friend and hang out in a border village with no rules? Those types operate on trust and mutual dependence. So unless you're out logging or fishing, people aren't as likely to protect you.

    Anyway, Phaux, as a future druid (right now he's never met a druid, and probably doesn't know he's technically a druid Initiate), is right to feel uncomfortable in civilization. Hubert has a decent alibi - self-defence on a road for travelers (his domain). The other peeps have a little less leverage.

    Fair warning: spare characters should be one level lower than your current character (minimum 1st), and not exceed 4th level - the general limit for NPCs.
  4. DMMike's Avatar
    How about this for weapon breakage: I'll record the hit points for you, and when you're out, the weapon breaks on a natural 1 or 20?
  5. scottb's Avatar
    I've come up with one (and only one) idea for how to save ourselves from our terrible misdeeds. Once in town, find a house of nobles who is currently feuding with the corpses' house and also large enough to take us in, in exchange for our respective talents applied to good use. It's a slim chance.
  6. DMMike's Avatar
    Who can host on Saturday? Okay if we bring frozen pizzas?
  7. scottb's Avatar
    I've thought of one other idea to possibly save our bacon, our necks and what xp we've managed to earn so far. Divert from the road and hide out in the woods/wilderness until this whole thing blows over.

    Good points:

    - Monsters live in the woods, and there is no punishment for killing monsters (if they're the kings protected gnolls or whatever I'll be mighty disappointed).
    - We'll survive fine thanks to Phaux and various low-level utility spells.

    Bad points:

    - We'll be leaving the plot thread to its own devices, which I'm sure we'll be punished for later. Of course, at the rate we're sleuthing we won't resolve the whodunit in 2009 anyway.
  8. DMMike's Avatar
    counting players...1...2...2...