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GMX, live blog updates.

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Greetings P&PG from Gmx

Kayeotic neutral and myself are attending the 1st Geek Media Expo in nashville.

Fresh after opening ceremonies I have one feeling about this new convention: hopeful.

At a total regestrant of 500 the first day it is far from the mega cons such as sakuracon, or pax, or gencon. However for a first time con it has a fair amout of events, appearances, and a generic air of 'we know what we're doing we just need a bigger following'

More updates to come. But this is the feeling post-opening. Headin out to a SW pannel in an hour!

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  1. MarshamSane's Avatar
    Attending the SW extended universe pannel, don't know what to expect per-se. Last pannel I attended was by fred galhager at sakuracon.

    I have a basic knowledge of SW. And this intro to the exp.Universe is very good info for me. Seems like it'll be informational, informative, and interactive. Followup to commense soon.