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D&D 3.5 Sunshine Games

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So yesterday was a pretty good day for me. I got my first client for my business in Miami! That was awesome. I am now officially providing cartridges to Cuban Crafters in Miami. I spoke with one of the owners and then the production manager and sealed the deal. It was kule.

Of course I had a celebratory cigar and some café Cubano with some buds.

Afterwards, I went over to Sunshine Games and we continued our tromp through the Underdark. That could have gone a little better...

We were struggling to survive, still. When along comes an Efreeti Noble complete with Nightmare stallions, salamander guards and several wagons full of his court. We negotiate with this Efreet (Who we later found out was the Caliph of the City of Brass on the elemental plane of Fire) and he does bad things and good things to us.

Good thing, sells us an astral sword and gets us out of the Underdark.

Bad thing, takes us to the elemental plane of fire, where we start taking 30 points of damage a round.

Good thing, puts fire immunity on us, bad thing, now we owe him a favor.

Good thing, takes us to the Prime Material (near Waterdeep), bad thing, he knows our names and how to find us.

In the middle of the game, I went out and bought a colada of cafe cubano

After the game, I won the weekly pot (we all pay $2.00 a game to be there, then at the end of the night, someone wins that 'pot' in store credit at Sunshine Games). I bought Joel (the operator of Sunshine Games) out of Star Wars minis.

I am planning on using the figs in my ongoing GURPS Dark Future saga, which you can read about here:

***Blatant out of context commercial***
Are you looking for a game to join in Miami? Well if you are, then I suggest you join the Miami Gaming Authority!

The Miami Gaming Authority is a brand new social group here at P&PG where you can hook up with some sweet gamers and crack it off in that lich!

Now back to the blog...

After the game, I got home and found that my landlord had dropped of some Nicaraguan stogies as a gift. Yay! That was awesome!

So, this morning I am going to write up a little more for Garrick the Generic and post it in his local category in my blog. Talk to you peeps laterz!

PS Right now I am listening to "No To Submission", by the Groundhogs

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