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Woodbridge Gaming, the Prequel

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So, today I met with a group of local Hero System gamers at the Game Parlor and it appears that they are up to letting me take over the Sunday slot for their games.

This will be the first face-to-face group of gamers that I've had in quite some time. A little stage fright is apparently setting in as I can't sleep, even though I'm not even meeting with them for another two weeks to introduce them to the campaign setting.

Anywho, I thought that I'd take advantage of the blog here and catalog my thoughts and progress as I progress.

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  1. Farcaster's Avatar
    What kind of game will you be running?
  2. JasonYarnell's Avatar
    Hero System 6E taking place in my Kamarathin setting.

    I'm thinking of actually havin the campaign take place in the northeast part of the Kingdom of Tursh, do a little underground revolution against the Order of the Burning Light religious wackjobs that run the Duchy of Gwen.

    But the players seem to be more lighthearted anime types and I'd hate to break their sensibilities with my darker games.

    I'll know more after I get a true sitdown with them in a couple weeks.
  3. JasonYarnell's Avatar
    So today is the meet and greet. A little nervous, a little excited and very curious to see who these people are.
  4. JasonYarnell's Avatar
    Wow, so 9 people showed up. I honestly wasn't expecting more than maybe 4. This places me in an awkward position in that I now need to trim the group down to 5.

    Everyone I met were good peeps, though I can already see with my whom my GMing style will clash and a couple decided to play with their PSP's rather than participate in the meet and greet...oddly those were also the people I feel will chafe under my game.

    Only one of the players actually owned a copy of K:KoT and I gave them a "task" of sorts to have completed by next Sunday. I asked them to send me a character concept by email that includes a write-up about the character and how he/she relates to both the party and the setting. Thi should separate the wheat from the chaff.

    As for the environment...well, it was borderline standing room only. The store was packed. Great for the store, bad for gaming. I could barely hear myself talk, I can't imagine actually running a game there. Going to have to think about the situation a bit more before I jump in whole hog.

    But, in summary, a really good experience and I'm still excited about running a game.